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How to get free PS4 gamesHow to get free PS4 games

To get free PS4 or PS5 games, you need to create a profile in the Playstation Network. There are some free games available. Also, there are free games every month if you're a subscriber to Playstation Plus.

18 May 2022

How to get free PS PlusHow to get free PS Plus

Anyone can obtain a paid Playstation Plus, but here's a guide on how to get it for free. The main thing is getting a 14-day free trial before yo should pay for the PS Plus subscription.

17 May 2022

How to connect new PS4 controllerHow to connect new PS4 controller

A guide to connect new PS4 or PS5 controller to your PlayStation console. There are a few simple steps to tackle the problem.

16 May 2022

Why does my Internet keep disconnectingWhy does my Internet keep disconnecting

To understand why your Internet connection is weak and disconnects often, we need to try various methods to find the reason. Sometimes, there may be multiple issues. For example, with your antivirus, firmware, weak Wi-Fi signal.

14 May 2022

How to see recent followers on InstagramHow to see recent followers on Instagram

To see recent Instagram followers, you may use the native or third-pary apps. But it's impossible to see them in a chronological order.

13 May 2022

How to view old Instagram storiesHow to view old Instagram stories

Instagram Stories are a popular feature on the social media platform. They aren't deleted after 24 hours, unlike Snapchat Stories. Instagram will hide Stories in 24 hours.

12 May 2022

How to share Youtube video on Instagram storyHow to share Youtube video on Instagram story

Learn how put any Youtube video to your Instagram story, make a good thumnail and other important things.

11 May 2022

How to find archived posts on InstagramHow to find archived posts on Instagram

Archiving posts on Instagram is one of the best ways to remove them. Learn how to find archived and hidden posts on Instagram.

10 May 2022

Can't login to InstagramCan't login to Instagram - what to do?

You can't sign in to your account, Instagram username not found and other login issue may happen to you when you can't login to Instagram. This guide helps you to understand why it happens and how to fix it.

09 May 2022

How to post someone's story on your storyHow to post someone's story on your story

It's easy to share someone's Story on Instagram. The creator's tag will determine whether you can add a Story to your own.

08 May 2022

Instagram won't let me postInstagram won't let me post - what to do?

The app blocks you from uploading photos. You might be wondering why Instagram won't allow me to upload my photos? While there are many possible causes, the solutions are almost identical to those for other major Instagram issues.

07 May 2022

how to see who shared my post on instagramHow to see who shared your Instagram post

To see who shared your post on Instagram, you need to make just a few clicks in the app. Track your engagement to make yourself an influencer on the Instagram empire.

06 May 2022