Blog post ideas for beginners

Updated at 06 Apr 2022

If you have a blog or want to start one, it's challenging to come up with writing ideas. Sometimes it's about inspiration. Other times are about routine research and writing habits. If you aren't in the mood for the routine and research, let's cover some ideas that you might find interesting what to blog about.

Here are some ideas on what to blog about.

Create a list with FAQs

Do you get asked a lot of questions? Write down the questions you are being asked and then answer them. For example, you might be asked questions about your product, but you don't know the answers. What are some things that people may need clarification on?

What's the best way to start a blog, business, or freelance job?

People want to learn how to get started in their niche. So show them how to start their own business. All the essentials of starting a blog, business, or career. People will continue to return for more if you have practical and helpful answers.

Ask questions in forums about blog ideas

Did you ever spend time on websites like Quora? You can find so many questions on Quora that you can use to generate new blog ideas. After you have written your answer in blog format, return to the Quora question and leave a comment answering the question. It is helpful and could bring you some traffic to your blog.

What were the most important things you learned in the last year?

You could take this in many different directions. You could either make a huge list of all the things you have learned in the past year or write a blog post about each one. Perhaps you could share the lessons learned from your experience or how someone can benefit from it.

What are the adventures of a person in a career like yours?

Is there any adventure you have had that you enjoyed while being _____ (your title). Share your stories.

Interview an Influencer for Your Blog

Do you want to gain more followers? Your followers can be increased by having influencers on your blog or guest blogging for other blogs. It is important to choose influential blogs.

Which are your top three distractions? What are your top three distractions?

Distractions can be distracting, but they are often a part of our daily lives, especially when using the internet. Distractions are always around the corner. Are you able to keep distractions away? Please share your secrets.

Review a book

book reviews as a blog post idea for beginners

Are you familiar with any outstanding books in your field? Do you have any great books in your niche? If so, what about writing a book review on it? Take the best lessons from the book that stood out to you and share them with your audience. You might also consider reaching out to the author to share your review. Authors love to hear from readers about their books. It would be a great honor to hear how their books have impacted your life.

Which blogs are your favorites?

Gather the links to your favorite bloggers and websites, and then share them in a post. People love discovering new and unique blogs. They will remember you as the one who helped them find these fantastic bloggers. This will increase their trust in you, which will lead to more visits.

You can try-something-new

Post a blog post in which you share something you have tried. You will be a great example of the "new" element. To make your process actionable, share it with others. You can even include humor about the mistakes made.

Share your best way to schedule a day

Show your audience how to schedule their workweek productively. We all want to do more in a given week. Please share any tips or tricks that have helped you plan your week.

productivity tip as a blog post idea for beginners

Which piece of advice have you listened to for a while? Who gave that advice to you?

Have you ever received excellent advice from someone at a particular time in your life? Write down the great advice you received at that moment.

Imagine you will die soon. What things will you do?

It's interesting to see how people spend their final days. You learn so much about people and what is important to them. You might have certain dreams that you want to achieve (even if it's your last week). Why not think about achieving them. Then, follow your dreams and send it.

What is your favorite fictional character or story?

Have you ever read a book and thought, "Man, that character is me!". You can use that inspiration to create a post such as this. This can be used to personalize your product/company in your blog/business.

Which events were your favorite last year?

Do you remember any conferences, talks, or classes you attended in the past year that you enjoyed? Make sure you link the events. You can also add tips to help people plan their trips to these events in the future.

Describe the meaning of your company or personal values

A strong brand is built on solid values that guide every aspect of the company's work. You can create loyal fans by sharing the core values of your brand. Even if your company is a sole proprietorship, being clear about your values will encourage your readers to support you in whatever you do. It'll also help you spark new ideas for blog content that you can share with your readers.

Share the most used apps and websites with your friends

Music is a favorite of many people. ), movies, software. You can list all the apps that you use every day and pick the winners. You can also recall which apps you liked a while back. You can also write short reviews and tell them what you love about the app.

favorite apps list as a blog post idea for beginners

What are the most valuable things you have learned in the past year?

Are there any breakthroughs you could share with your audience last year? How about your failures? If you have a growth mindset, everything and everyone can be a learning experience. In addition, you and your readers can benefit from each other's experiences through blog post ideas that are mutually beneficial.

What technological advances will impact your industry in the next decade?

Technology is changing rapidly, and it can be challenging to know how it will affect our work. Think about the trends that are shaping your industry. What technological advances are changing your niche? Crypto, space innovations, new hardware? Make some predictions and gather your thoughts for one of your blog posts ideas.

Your response to an article

You probably read many blogs of others as a blogger (and if you don't, you should! You can write a response post to a video, article, social media post, or another piece that resonated with you and share it.

Share your failure

All of us have made mistakes. So let's talk about the time you made a mistake and what lessons you learned. This type of content is both valuable to readers and humanizing.

Productivity Tip

How can you do it all in one day? Share your productivity tips, tools and apps, and any other advice you might have with your readers, whether you are a bullet journal enthusiast or a mindfulness advocate.

Your reading list(books you plan to read and why)

Which books have you been reading lately? What books are you recommending as "must-reads for everyone in your field?" In a blog post, share your book recommendations (with links to Amazon and GoodReads). This makes a great post idea or series for seasonal posts. You can write about the books you are reading at the beginning of the year, your summer reading list, and highlight the best books you have read by the end of each year.

Talk about traveling

Have you been to a cool place recently? Sharing your travel experiences is an excellent way of sharing them. You can share more than just your photos. Include your tips and suggestions for readers. Consider writing a blog post if you are a business traveler with a few travel tips that you think your prospects or customers would appreciate.

traveling insights as a blog post idea for beginners

5 Things That You Wish You Knew

What would you have done differently if you had known before you started X? Share the things that you know today about running a business and blogging.

That's all ideas for this article, but let's also look at how to obtain them.

Approaches to do ideas research to find more blog post ideas

Reading more

The more you read, the more thoughts you provoke. So try to read something different from what you've used to read. Maybe a blog in a new industry you were interested in. Or in a newly emerged niche, you discovered recently.

Try to read more. Combined with new sources, it's an excellent way to provoke more thought that may spark new ideas to ponder.

Writing more

While reading is an excellent resource of new information, it doesn't interconnect thoughts in our heads to make unexpected combinations of new ideas as writing does. But, on the other hand, it doesn't mean reading isn't as helpful as writing, and they're different in information consolidation.

When we spend more time thinking about thoughts, we spark other ideas, and so on. That's what we do when we read attentively and when we write. We polish the information we have. Thus new thoughts emerge.

Google keywords

To find more blog post ideas for beginners, try to see what people look for in the Google search input. There are various queries and maybe some of them you'd like.

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