How do bloggers make money online

Updated at 17 Apr 2022

Five main ways bloggers can make money are ads, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts.

Blog owners make money from ads

how do bloggers make money from ads

Let's begin because ads are the most popular way bloggers make money.

What does it mean? A blogger registers for an ad network to place ads on his site. Targeted ads are the most common type of targeted ads. The ad will change depending on who views the blog, what content is on the blog, and the recently viewed content.

Bloggers who are familiar with popular ad networks belong to:

Bloggers can get paid via ad networks: per impression and per click.

Per impression - these ads are not clickable by the viewer to earn an income for the blogger. Instead, the impression is the number of times an ad has been seen.

Paid per Click - every time someone clicks on an ad, a blogger gets a small amount for each click.

Here's how advertising works. Advertisers pay website owners based on how many people have seen their ads. Advertisers pay website owners based on how many people have seen their ads.

Your ad network will guide you on where to place ads. These are the most common places you'll see ads on blogs:

  1. Sidebar, often sticky
  2. Header
  3. On images
  4. After x number of paragraphs, directly inside the post

Who pays the blogger?

Most bloggers are paid a monthly income by the ad network they are associated with. Sometimes, brands may reach out to bloggers to place ads on their blogs. The brand would negotiate a rate with the blogger and then pay them directly.

How soon can you begin monetizing ads?

Many bloggers who start as bloggers try to make their first income with ads but quickly get frustrated when they only make pennies per month. Because they don't have enough traffic, beginning bloggers cannot make money with ads. You can certainly place ads on your website, but you will not make much money unless you get around 20,000 page views per month.

Waiting until your site has 15,000 - 30,000 pageviews before adding ads is better.

Bloggers use affiliate marketing to make money

how do bloggers make money from affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves a blogger establishing a relationship with a company, then promoting the company's products or services. Each blogger receives a unique URL to take them to the company's site. A blogger is paid a commission if a viewer clicks on that link and purchases from the company.

Bloggers receive commissions in the form of a percentage or a fixed amount for each sale or lead.

Bloggers can become affiliates for companies in several ways. For example, affiliates can be created directly by the company through their affiliate program. Or, they can join affiliate marketing networks to find affiliate programs.

Search for an affiliate program that suits a particular company

You may have a product or company in mind and would like to become an affiliate.

Go to the company's site and scroll to the bottom. Many companies include a link to their program in their website's footer. Sometimes, it isn't easy to find an affiliate program. Next, you can do a Google site search: "affiliate program".

Different companies will offer affiliate programs. Some affiliate programs are rewards programs, partner programs, or referrals programs. You can try a variety of variations to find the right affiliate page.

You can reach out to the company directly to inquire if you cannot find an affiliate program. Look for contact information, an email address, or a social media account to connect with the company.

Join an affiliate network

Sign up for an affiliate network to find affiliate programs. These are some of the most well-known ones:

Join an affiliate program for bloggers and influencers

how do bloggers make money online with affiliate marketing

Is there a niche blogger in your niche who has created their course, ebook, or product? Message them and ask if they have an affiliate program.

While they may be in "competition", becoming an affiliate could be mutually beneficial.

You can promote their product on your blog and also talk about it. This will increase your income and help them sell more. Many times, bloggers will share your review and affiliate post because it promotes them. This will allow you to grow your audience.

You don't only make more money, but also increase your reach.

Who pays the blogger?

Affiliates are usually paid via an affiliate network. Even if I found affiliate programs through a company's site, they used an affiliate network to track my links and pay me. When the minimum sales amount is reached, payouts are typically made monthly.

Sometimes, commissions are paid directly from the company selling your products.

Remember that digital products are typically more profitable than physical products in commissions.

How soon can you begin monetizing affiliate marketing?

make money blogging with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one way to make money with your blog. Affiliate links can be used to monetize your blog at any stage of your blogging journey. Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business. The more people who see your links and promoters, the more you make.

Remember that affiliate programs such as Amazon have minimum page views and sales quotas. So before applying for an affiliate program, make sure you read the fine print.

Many bloggers believe they can start a blog without using Amazon Affiliates. However, to remain an Amazon Affiliate, you will need to make at least three sales per day from your links within 180 days after signing up. Once you have created your site, you are eligible to reapply.

Affiliate marketing is still an excellent option for bloggers starting for several reasons. It doesn't take as many page views to make a website popular as ad revenue to be successful. A product with a track record of sales can be sold, making it easier to sell. Before you create your product, you can sell another person's product.

How to make money through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing goal is to establish and build a platform. This means your blog plus your email list.

It means creating quality content that resonates well with your audience. Marketing that content is also essential. Building trust and authority with your visitors to your blog is part of establishing your platform.

Affiliate links can't be dropped and assumed to bring in the money. Therefore, your affiliate monetization strategy must be well thought out. Affiliate marketing works best when you market a product you love and use. Learn more about my affiliate marketing tips.

Sponsored content refers to content that a company pays bloggers to write about their brand or product. Sponsored content is typically similar to other content created by the blogger with the same tone, feel, and sponsorship disclosure.

Companies love to collaborate with bloggers and content writers to advertise their products in an editorial format. The company values bloggers for their voice, authority, and influence. In addition, the company values the power, voice, and leadership of bloggers.

Sponsored posts can include the entire content creation process (content, images, set numbers, social shares), while other times, companies may pay for a specific aspect of the content creation. Sponsorship is available for the following:

  1. Articles
  2. Photography
  3. Styling and staging
  4. Videos
  5. Live video
  6. Posts on social media
  7. Emails
  8. Blogger campaigns will vary depending on the sponsor's needs and which platforms you excel at. Companies are looking for a voice to speak about their products/services to you.

If you're our of ideas on what to write about, see blogging ideas for beginners.

How can bloggers get sponsored opportunities?

Bloggers with a large following don't have to do much. Sponsors choose them because they value their content and their audience. To get sponsored, both beginning and more established bloggers will need to do some legwork.

You can pitch a brand that you are interested in working with. Sponsored networks are the best way for bloggers, especially beginning bloggers, to find sponsorship opportunities. These are known as Influencer networks in the marketing world.

These networks connect brands with influencers (bloggers, content creators).

Search for Sponsored Content Opportunities Through an Influencer Network

  • Clever
  • Massive Sway
  • Soapbox Influence
  • IZEA
  • Pollinate
  • Activate
  • Weave

Who pays the blogger?

how make money as a beginner blogger

How a brand and blogger connect will determine how much a blogger gets paid for a sponsored post. The company will pay the blogger directly if they directly communicate with one another.

The network will pay the blogger if the blogger can find a sponsorship opportunity through a network.

The commission rate for sponsored content can be negotiable when a blogger works directly with a brand. My friend Tracie wrote a great article about sponsored content. It discusses how you can charge for it. A blogger who works with influencer networks to secure a sponsored content gig is often paid a higher rate than the average.

How soon can you begin monetizing sponsored posts?

Before you can work with brands, your blog must be well-established. Brands and networks will be interested to see evidence that you have been blogging for at most six months and that you have a substantial number of followers.

Although audience size is not as crucial as with ads, companies will want to ensure that people visit your website and are interested in what you have to offer before they hire you to create content.

How to make money from sponsored content

Our suggestions for making money through sponsored content are:

  1. Focus on your writing style and unique ideas
  2. Improve your photography skills
  3. Focus on one audience and make them fall in love with you
  4. Decide ahead of time which companies best match your brand and values
  5. As with many other tips, you should continue to grow your audience.

If you are offered sponsored content, provide excellent value to your readers. Your readers should be happy and continue to receive sponsored content.

Blogging makes money by selling and creating products

a blogger tries to make money writing articles

Many people believe that bloggers make their money primarily through ads. While this is true for many bloggers, some of the most successful bloggers today sell their products.

Bloggers can sell digital products, education products, memberships or subscriptions, books, and physical products. They also can wholesale buy a product and then retail it on their blog. Let'sLet's take a look at the products that bloggers make and sell.

Digital products

Bloggers love to sell digital products on their blogs. Printable planners, invitations, and party printables are just a few examples. Because digital products are often inexpensive to make, they have high earnings potential.

Once you have created a digital product, you can use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin or Gumroad or Paypal to sell or deliver it. These are real-life examples where bloggers have made money selling digital products. These hidden letters are available from Typically Simple for early learning. Rachel published a lot of content about garage sales and created this Garage Sale Handbook.


bloggers earn money selling courses and digital products

The age of knowledge is here. Perhaps a little too much, but that's another topic.

Bloggers are likely to have extensive knowledge and can share it with others. Bloggers today are creating ebooks, guides, and online courses to educate their readers.

Many bloggers want to make money online. So they market their expertise to others so they can also learn.

Why? This is typically content that bloggers already create on their blogs. Many people have educational posts, so an educational product is natural. Second, selling courses has a more significant earning potential than other money-making options. This is because you control the price point, and you receive the entire commission.

It is not as essential to have a large audience as with sponsored posts and ads. The more people following you you have, the greater your earning potential. If you have 100 followers, and 10 people buy your 30-dollar course, that's $300 more than you would earn. A person with 100 followers could make 50 cents per month from ad campaigns.

People want to grow and learn. If you offer them a way to do so, they will be willing to pay for something of value.

Subscriptions and memberships

Subscriptions, or memberships, are where bloggers create exclusive content for people who sign up (pay). Only paid customers can access the content.

Physical products

Many people use blogs to discuss and showcase the products they have created. Bloggers are home to many creative entrepreneurs. Some people have been working on their products for years and started their blogs to promote their products.

Others bloggers create their products after identifying a need or generating an idea that their audience will love.


bloggers sell and write books to earn money

Publishing a book makes sense for many bloggers because they are prolific writers and have plenty of content. In addition, bloggers can self-publish or hire a publisher.

Wholesale Products

Surprisingly, this topic is not more discussed in the blogging community. However, it is a great way to make money online without creating your product.

Two main ways bloggers can make money selling products they bought from wholesalers: They buy the product, handle shipping, and sometimes packaging. They have a wholesaler who drops-ships their products. The bloggers then sell the product through their website, while the wholesale company packages the product and ships it to the customer.

Who pays the blogger?

Customer! The customer is the only one who gets a commission. You do not receive a commission on the sale. The blogger is both the seller and creator of the product. They get paid directly by the customer. Bloggers still have to pay costs. A credit card fee and fees for the app or tool they use to promote their product are charged.

You will need to pay shipping costs if you sell physical products.

How can you begin monetizing your product?

Technically, your blog could be used to launch your product. However, I wouldn't recommend it.

According to data reports, only 2-3 percent of your email subscribers will purchase your product. Therefore, before you launch your product, it is good to have at least 500 to 1000 quality subscribers to your email list.

Blogging makes money through coaching, consulting, and services

Sometimes people need to be helped. They may need help understanding something or to be held accountable. Sometimes people simply want someone to do the work for them. Many bloggers offer their services to help their audience.

Your blog is a way to make money by proving your expertise and attracting new clients for your services.

It is an excellent way for you to become an authority in your field by offering services along with your blog.

Coaching or consulting packages are a great way to understand your target audience better. Examples include coaching and consulting packages on any topic such as fitness, relationships, decluttering or social media management, graphic design, personal shopping, etc.

Who pays the blogger?

The customer, or client, is again the key. You will be the one offering the service. To send invoices to clients, you can use Paypal.

How do you begin monetizing services, coaching, and consulting?

Anytime! Start by finding your first clients. It is always good to have some content and a solid social presence to stay connected with people.

Tips to make money from services

Brainstorm the needs and pain points of your target audience. What can you do to help them? Are there any things you can do to help them? Or are you looking for a way that you could collaborate with them? Next, reach out to a handful of people or small groups and offer your services. Start small and keep your prices low when you first start.

You may want to try with a group coaching. You can create a monthly group coaching package that focuses on your niche. It should be precious to make sure that participants love it and recommend your blog. Your blog posts can be used to supplement the coaching.

For future content and product ideas, pay close attention to their struggles and questions!

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