How much data does Discord use

Updated at 10 Apr 2022

Discord is a popular communication app. It uses a lot of data, but it depends on what you do there. So it is not surprising that users are curious about how much data they use.

So, how much data does Discord use?

Before we get into any details, Discord does not provide any official information about the app's data usage. Therefore, your settings and preferences will affect the amount of data you receive.

Plain text is the most data-intensive of all apps. Images require a more significant amount of data than plain text, but we will soon find out how to reduce this. Based on how long you spend on a voice chat, voice chat uses a minimum amount of data. Video calls can use a lot more data than this. Discord bandwidth usage is also affected by the amount of time spent on screen, server activity, bot activities, and frequency of use.

how much data does Discord use

There is no formula to estimate the Discord app's data usage, but you can use the methods we have described below to make a rough estimate. Below is information about Discord's data usage, including how to track it.

Discord data usage for PCs

The following methods will allow you to track how much Discord data is being used on your computer. For Windows users, the following steps will allow you to track how much bandwidth the app uses.

  1. Go to "Settings" (Windows Key + 1 - "Network and Internet".
  2. Go to "Data usage," and you'll see a list with all the apps installed on your device and their data usage.
  3. This data is provided separately for each network connected to (ethernet, wifi, etc.). Accounts for the last 30 days.
  4. This will give you an idea of the data used by Discord in the past 30 days. This data can be refreshed to see how much data was used each time Discord is opened.

You may also check Discord data consumption statistics if you're a Mac user. To see data usage for each app, use the 'Activity Monitoring' - the 'Network'. It resets every time your computer restarts. The feature gives you an estimate of the data usage per session. There are several ways to check how much data each tab consumes when using Discord via a browser, not the app.

activity monitor network discord data consumption

Data usage in iOS and Android

You can check the Discord mobile data usage on your iPhone to see how much you have used.

  1. Open 'Settings' - 'Cellular'
  2. Scroll down to see the apps that have toggle switches. Each app's data can be viewed.
  3. This information only shows the date since the data was the last reset. Scroll down to the bottom of your screen to see when this data was the last reset.

Use an Android device to do the following:

  1. Go to "Settings" - "Apps" - "Manage Apps, Installed Apps"
  2. Select Discord from the drop-down list and tap the "Data Usage" button.

Now you should be able to see graphs of Discord's data usage over a specific period and network (mobile data/wifi).

How can you reduce data usage?

To make Discord use less data, you may do the following. On your mobile device:

  1. Click on the Discord icon to the right of your screen and go to 'User settings'. - Text & Images.
  2. Display Images, Videos are available.
  3. Disable "When posted as links for chat"
  4. Disable "When uploaded directly to Discord"
  5. Allow 'Auto-compress Images" under 'Image Compression'
  6. Like the previous step, in 'Link Preview', ' Show website preview information from links pasted into chat.
  7. Under User Settings', Notifications'. Disable' System Notifications'
  8. Navigate to "User Settings" - "Accessibility" - "Stickers", and choose "Never animate".

The same settings will be on your computer except for the Notifications feature. The 'User settings' option is indicated by the gear icon next to your username. These settings can be modified to reduce data usage.

You can do some things to reduce Discord's data usage if it is happening for some reason. Let's look at some tips to minimize data consumption. It is better to disable background data if you aren't very active on the platform or if you don't use it daily. This will help you save lots of data. You can disable auto media download only to download the images you need. If you have a lot of data, skip GIFs and other similar files. If you're not using audio or video calls, don't turn them on. Video calls and other services consume lots of data. When not in use, ensure screen sharing is disabled.

how to make discord use less data

Conclusion on Discord data usage

It turns out that Discord's data usage is influenced by the activities you perform on the server. For example, you can expect to see a higher data usage if you are a media-hungry person who sends and receives a lot of such content. Check the usage statistics after Discord has been used for approximately a week. First, divide the total data used by seven to get your daily data usage. Further, you can divide it by 24 to get your Discord hourly data usage.

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