How to add Instagram to Tik Tok

Updated at 21 Apr 2022

Although Instagram and TikTok are competitors, there is no reason to make them work in tandem for your business. On the contrary, your Instagram marketing strategy and your TikiTok marketing strategy must work together if your brand has accounts on both platforms.

The linking will allow you to reach new audiences and increase your brand awareness. It's an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss as a social media marketer.

Many TikTok creators have attempted to "move" their followers to Instagram. They have good reasons for doing this. In the past, TikTok was in hot water after it was subject to bans from several countries, including the US. Like Instagram and Facebook, there was a significant influx of users to TikTok when the site went down. Diversifying your social media presence is a good idea to ensure that your followers can find you even if things go wrong.

How to link Instagram to TikTok

Read more on how to link another social account on TikTok.

Cross-posting social media content is a bright idea

Video content is becoming more popular on social media. Even short videos can take time to create. Although a 30-second TikTok may seem simple, there is much work involved. Social media users have reported that editing a TikTok clip can take a few hours in simple cases. Don't waste your time making sure that you get as many views as possible on those TikTok videos.

Cross-posting content from different platforms is a great way to increase awareness among your target audience. In addition, this creates more opportunities for potential customers to connect with you and learn about your company/person.

Cross-posting does not necessarily mean posting the same video and caption on each platform. Make sure your content is different between platforms. No one wants to watch the same video over and again. Instead, engage your audience by providing them with diverse media.

cross-posting content to instagram and tiktok

It doesn't mean you shouldn't include videos from other platforms in your content strategy. It just means that you need to be smart about using them.

This article will show you how to link your accounts and reuse your video content in a fun and creative ways.

Add your Instagram account to TikTok

It's easy to link your Instagram account with your TikTok profile. Follow this step-by-step guide with your smartphone.

  1. Open TikTok and click on the "Profile" icon in the lower right corner. tiktok profile

  2. You will find a section called "Instagram" under your TikTok bio. Tap it to reveal "Add Instagram To Your Profile."

  3. The Instagram login screen will open and prompt you for your username and password to log in.

  4. After logging in, you will be taken to your TikTok account. The Instagram icon is located next to the "Edit Profile" button.

TikTok can be a great way to increase your Instagram followers if your brand is well-known. However, both platforms should be part of your strategy. For example, you might use your TikTok account for hype and exposure in the lead-up to a product launch and then use Instagram to let those customers purchase it.

There is only one way to share your TikTok account on Instagram at the moment - through your Instagram bio. These are the steps you need to follow to update your profile link.

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap "Edit Your Profile" to go to your Instagram account.
  3. Add your TikTok profile URL to the section.

instagram bio add tiktok link

To unlink TikTok's Instagram account, repeat the previous steps but instead of tapping "Add Instagram", click the "Unlink" button. TikTok will then remove your Instagram credentials as if they had never been linked.

You may also read how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

TikTok is fantastic. Sharing your best content on TikTok makes it even better because people there show their interest. In many cases, such an interest converts to financial benefits for the authors. We've covered it in the article "how do bloggers make money online". Still, a similar strategy applies to video blogging.

Can I send my TikTok videos to other platforms?

Select the video you wish to share, and click the "Share" icon (it looks almost like an arrow bent to the right). You can also share your video via Facebook Messenger, Facebook Messenger, or Facebook.

It doesn't give me the option of adding YouTube!

To see the option, delete the app and reinstall it. To ensure that you don't lose any drafts, make sure you can log in again.

Some users prefer to include a link in their TikTok profile so others can visit their website and social media pages quickly. The link can be added, but it won't be a hyperlink, so anyone who wishes to follow it must copy and paste it.

What videos to create?

It takes more than adding effects and filters to create a short video on TikTok. If you want your video viral, you will need to create something unique.

Consider what you want to accomplish, and then experiment with the tools provided until you understand how they work. You will probably need to post dozens of posts before anyone notices your content. But, keep going, and you'll eventually achieve your five minutes of fame on Instagram or TikTok.

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