How to archive or unarchive chat in Telegram

Updated at 03 Apr 2022

Telegram feed may be chaotic if you have many channels, groups, and chats. The app has a way to organize things, though. Some time ago, they added chat folders, unlimited pins, and archived chats. Chat folders allow you to have a dedicated place to move your chats to free up some space in your main feed.

Also, with pins, you can fix some discussions on the main screen. Thus, the pinned ones will always be on the top whenever any channels, groups, or other chats have new messages.

With folders, you may free up the main feed more by organizing anything by a topic, importance, etc. You may combine all the above approaches to manage your Telegram better. Sometimes, you may mute some chats to eliminate the notification hell. Archiving chats is a great way to move unimportant things to one folder. If there are notifications in the archived chats, they'll appear in the main feed. If you mute those chats, you won't see anything, even if there are new messages.

Keep this in mind following the tutorial below to learn how Telegram archives chats. Whether you are using the mobile app or desktop version, this guide will help you. In case, if you don't have the app yet, read how to download Telegram.

How to archive a chat on Telegram

It is easy to archive a Telegram chat. It takes just a few taps or swipes to hide a conversation in your Telegram chat list. archive telegram chat

On the mobile app

There are two options to archive chats if you use Telegram mobile app. You can choose to archive them individually or select multiple conversations before doing this.

To archive multiple chats, select which ones you wish to hide. After doing that, select the Archive icon on the top menu. archive a telegram chat on the mobile app

You can find your archived chats in a separate folder on your chats list. By swiping to the left, you can hide the folder. Then, swipe down to make the folder appear again in your chats. see archived chats on Telegram

On the desktop app

Archiving via the desktop app, on the other hand, is the same as it's on mobile. You can right-click on a chat to archive it: choose Archive from the menu. You can find your archived discussions at the top of the chats list to the left. You can right-click on it and move it to your main menu if you find it distracting.

How to unarchive a chat in Telegram

You must navigate to your Archived chats folder first if you are using the mobile app. You can swipe to Unarchive the chat once you are inside. You can also select multiple chats and then select the Unarchive icon in the top. how to unarchive a chat in telegram

Open either the archives folder at the top of the chats list or from the main menu for those who use the desktop app. After viewing all archived chats, click on one and choose to Unarchive chat.

This is how to unarchive Telegram chats. Remember that archived conversations will automatically appear on your chats lists if you don't mute them.

Archiving and unarchiving chats summary

You now know how to archive Telegram chats. Such a possibility allows you to organize your Telegram app. All your archived channels, groups, and private chats can be found in a separate folder located at the top of your chats. Remember that muted chats will remain archived until you manually change them.

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