How to connect new PS4 controller

Updated at 16 May 2022

Did you get your PS4 controller yet? It's great!

Let's start.

Playstation controller with console

Can I connect my PS4 controller with the PS4 console?

The tutorial will tell how you can connect your PS4 and the console.

  1. The easiest way to connect the controller to the console is to use a USB cable.
  2. Another way is wireless: use Bluetooth to connect to PS4.

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Step 1: Connect your PS4 controller using a USB cable

If your PS4 controller has a wired connection, follow these steps:

  1. To turn on the PS4 console, press and hold the power button.
  2. Connect the other end of the PS4 controller wire to your console's USB port.
  3. Press down the PS button on your controller for 3 seconds.

Power button on the Playstation controller

These Instructions are for Wireless PS4 Controllers:

  1. To turn on the PS4 console, press and hold the power button.

  2. Connect your micro-connector from your USB cable and the PS4 controller.

  3. Connect the other end to your USB cable to your console.

  4. Hold down the PS key on your controller for approximately 3 seconds.

  5. Connect your wired PS4 controller and the console. Then, unplug your USB cable to enjoy wireless gaming.

  6. You can add additional wireless controllers and devices to your system using the USB Cable. Follow these guidelines to set it up as the user on your dashboard.

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Step 2: Connect your wireless controllers using the HDMI Cable

If you don't have a USB cable, you can still connect wireless controllers with your PS4 console.

  1. On your PS4's dashboard, go to Settings > Devices>>. These steps will enable you to connect a controller or media remote for your PS4 with your Bluetooth device.
  2. Press the SHARE, PS, and ALT buttons on your PS4 controller for approximately 5 seconds (the one you want to connect).
  3. The Bluetooth Devices screen will now show your PS4 controller. Now, connect your PS4 controller to your console. Enjoy your games.

The controller won't connect wirelessly to my PS4

You have two options to fix the problem with your PS4 controller.

There could be many reasons why your PS4 controller doesn't connect. You can always try a different USB cable if yours fails. You can find the reset button on the backside of your controller, just above the L2 switch. Sony might be able to help you if your controller has not connected.

It's not just the unrealistic elements of science fiction movies like faster-than-light spaceships and time travel. Most absurd is that standard technology does not suffer common glitches, such as a PS4DualShock console losing connection to its console. It's okay to get frustrated when your controller can't communicate with your PS4; it's usually fixable. You can choose from many solutions.

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How can I make sure my controller is connected to my PS4?

You can connect your controller by USB

First, connect your controller with the micro USB cable. The USB cable is typically used for charging.

Follow these steps:

  1. Switch on the PS4.
  2. Securely insert the Cable into your PS4's back, then plug it into the controller.
  3. Let the controller charge for 30-60 mins.
  4. The PS button is located on the controller. Press it. Once the beeps sound, the controller will pair up with the console.
  5. If the controller or PS4 does not pair, it may be due to a problem with the Cable. If the controller doesn't pair, you can try another micro USB connector. Please wait for the controller to charge before you attempt to pair it.

Reset the PS4 controller

It is possible to reset your controller if it is not connecting wirelessly.

Reset button on the Playstation controller

  1. Turn off your PS4 to disconnect the internet. You can unplug the Ethernet cable or temporarily unplug the wireless router. Interference from internet signals may cause the controller to lose its connection.
  2. Place the controller upside down. Locate the recessed reset switch next to the L2 button.
  3. Insert the clip using a thin piece of the paperclip. After that, you can press the button for about five seconds. 4 You can use A USB charging cable for charging the controller.
  4. Switch on the PS4.
  5. The PS button is located on the controller. Press it. Once the beeps sound, the controller will pair up with the console. If your controller and PS4 are still not working, don't hesitate to contact Sony's PS4 support.

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