How to download Telegram on laptop

Updated at 02 Apr 2022

The Telegram app, which is a messaging platform similar to Whatsapp, yet has more features and possibilities(e.g. creating channels). You can also download Telegram for your smartphone devices such as Android or iOS. Telegram web messenger allows you to use Telegram in a web browser without any third-party software or client.

Telegram can be installed on Windows PCs or any other computers running under a different operating system(macOS, Ubuntu). We all know that Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app. This means that all your chats, messages, and contacts will be backed up to their server and synchronized with all your devices. You will receive the same message and media regardless of whether you're on a Telegram desktop client, smartphone, or web browser.

We will show you how to download and start using the Telegram Messenger App for a Desktop PC.

How to install and download the Telegram app on a computer/laptop PC

It seems there are many steps but don't worry, and it's as simple as installing any other app(download, install, use).

  1. Open the Telegram website. Telegram Desktop website to download the app on laptop
  2. Select the Get Telegram for ... - in my case; it's Linux x64. If you're using Windows, you'll see "Get Telegram for Windows" The same is for macOS and other platforms. If the website doesn't show you your OS automatically, click on "Show all platforms" Telegram for Windows, Linux, macOS laptops download
  3. Now download the Telegram app on your laptop.
  4. Install the app and run it.
  5. Click on "Start messaging" and then choose your country.
  6. Enter your telephone number.
  7. Enter the OTP code you've received.
  8. Done! You can now start using it.

Installation details for Windows

After you download the .exe file from the website, you need to install it. The steps we skipped in the above guide are:

  1. Choose your preferred language.
  2. Choose a folder where you want to install Telegram for Windows.

Install Telegram on Linux(e.g. Ubuntu)

The steps above are the same, but there are some details we skipped. Suppose you're used to installing apps as Snaps. Telegram provides this option as well. On their website, you can see the "Snap" option under the "Get Telegram for Linux". It redirects you to the snap page of the Telegram Linux package.

If you choose to download the default version of the app for Linux, it's a tar.xz archive that you'll need to decompress via this command in your terminal: tar xf [filename].

Use Telegram without installation

It's also possible on computers! Sometimes, you don't want to install anything. Maybe you don't have enough disk space, or it is just a waste of time for you.

There is a Telegram Web version, and it has almost the same functionality as its PC version. You may find it more convenient to use because you can access it via a browser, which you already have. However, you should install Telegram on your smartphone as I'm not sure it's convenient to use the app on a mobile browser. Also, the installation process for Android or iOS might seem simpler a bit:

  1. Go to Play Market or App Store.
  2. Search for "Telegram".
  3. Install it. download Telegram for Android on Play Market

Telegram updates

You don't need to re-install the app when a new version becomes available. The app will try to update itself automatically. The same situation for the Web version(there are even no attempts to update as the website will be already up-to-date each time you visit it). In case the app can't update(usually, it doesn't happen), you uninstall the previous version and repeat all the steps we covered above to install Telegram from scratch.

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