How to find deleted Instagram posts

Updated at 24 Apr 2022

Can you see people deleted Instagram posts?

You can view deleted Instagram posts of other people. You can still see their posts if you follow them even though they have deleted them. Likewise, you can still see their posts on their profile page if you don't follow them. However, they will be marked as deleted.

Photos, videos, and reels from IGTV and stories are deleted immediately from your account and moved to the Recently Deleted folder.

Stories that were deleted but are not yet in your archive will remain in the folder for 24 hours. All other files will be deleted automatically 30 days later.

You can retrieve your deleted content within 30 days by going to Settings -> Account -> Recently Deleted. You can then restore it or permanently delete it.

how to find deleted instagram posts

What happens to Instagram posts that are deleted?

Instagram allows you to delete any post. However, it's not saved in your account's history and isn't shown on your profile or other profiles of people who follow you.

What can I do to see if someone has deleted Instagram stories?

A third-party app is the best way to view deleted Instagram stories. You have several options, but InstaViewer is our favorite. InstaViewer, a free app, allows you to view any Instagram story regardless of whether it was deleted.

Why would anyone delete an Instagram post?

You might want to delete an old Instagram post for various reasons. Perhaps they are looking to improve their profile and delete irrelevant posts. Maybe they are embarrassed by the things they have posted in the past. Perhaps they are trying to conceal something.

How can you view someone's Instagram archive?

Open someone's profile and tap on the three lines at the top of the screen to view their Instagram archives. Select "Posts" in the menu and then "Archive".

How can you view someone else's Instagram archives?

You can view someone else's archives on Instagram by scrolling through their posts or visiting their profile. Then, click on the "Archives tab" to see their entire collection. This will display all the Instagram posts the person has shared.

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Can you bring back deleted Instagram messages?

Yes, you can bring back deleted Instagram messages. It is possible to retrieve messages deleted within seven days of the original sending date. First, open the Instagram app, then go to your messages folder. Click the three dots icon button at the top right and choose "Recover Messages."

How do you know if someone is looking at your Instagram for 48 hours?

There's no way to know if someone has seen your Instagram account in the last 48 hours, however, there are some options you may try. Suppose you have recently uploaded something and notice a decrease in likes or comments. It could be that the person you are interested in hasn't seen your post.

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What is the reason my Instagram post was deleted?

Your post might be deleted due to violating Instagram's Community Guidelines. For example, Instagram bans posts that include violence, nudity, or hate speech. Instagram Support can be reached if you believe your post was deleted incorrectly.

What happens if you delete a posting?

You can delete any Instagram post and all places where it has been shared. It will also be removed from the page that was initially shared.

Why would a girl delete Instagram posts she posted?

A girl might delete an Instagram post for a variety of reasons. For example, it could be that she has decided not to share her Instagram photos anymore or that she had a negative experience with the app.

How do you know who is viewing your Instagram archives?

Although it is impossible to know who is viewing your Instagram archives, there are some things you can do. If you have a public account and were recently tagged in a photograph, you might be able to view your archive. Suppose you have ever searched for your name on Instagram. In that case, you will see all the Instagram photos and videos associated with your name.

Does it repost if you unarchive an Instagram post?

Yes, it will repost if you unarchive an Instagram post.

Are other Instagram users able to see the archived posts?

Yes, others can view your Instagram archived posts. You can archive a post on Instagram. It's still visible to your profile and anyone who visits it. However, it is not included in your main feed or any stories.

Is it possible to notify the person you tag by unarchiving an Instagram photo?

Yes, Instagram allows you to unarchive a post. This notifies the person who was tagged in it. Unarchiving a post will bring it back to the top and make it visible to all your followers.

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