How to find someone on Telegram

Updated at 01 Apr 2022

Telegram allows you to intercommunicate with many people, read news, and follow some interesting groups. It won't be so interesting without the people you know there, right? Well, it's straightforward to use the app to message everyone you know if they have Telegram, too, of course.

How to search for people on Telegram

Using Android

Take your phone, unlock it, and then launch Telegram from the launch screen by tapping on the Telegram icon. find a contact on Telegram

Log in to your Telegram profile and fill out the required fields if necessary. You now have the main screen. To chat with people from your contacts (those you have saved in your address book and use the application), you can press the button with three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. Next, select the item Contacts in the menu that opens.

The new screen will open. Select the contact you are interested in from the list, and you can instantly start the conversation. You can modify the way a person is classified if they are not listed in your list by clicking the button with three horizontal lines at the top right. In addition, you can sort contacts by name or last seen. This is the default.

You may also choose to do a direct search or a global search. To do this:

  • Press the button with magnifying glasses.
  • In the upper right corner of the menu, type the person's name you are interested in in the field that appears.
  • Select the correct match from the list, and that's all.
  • You must grant Telegram access to your address book if you cannot see any of your contacts.
  • To do so, press the button with three horizontal lines at the top of the screen. Then, touch Privacy & Security to open the menu.

Using iOS

You can search for contacts in the popular messaging app iOS by unlocking your phone, accessing the start screen, and hitting the icon within the Telegram app.

You can log in to your Telegram profile and fill out the required fields if necessary. Next, press Contacts at the bottom of the Telegram screen. This will display a complete list of contacts whose phone numbers you have saved to the iOS address book. These people can then use Telegram. Finally, press the name of a connection to start chatting.

If you have difficulty finding the person you are looking for, you can try another method. Click on the menu at the top to change the order of your contacts. You can sort contacts by last seen, default, or by name. Telegram also allows you to search for people by touching the right bar on your screen and typing Search. The contact's name that interests you can then be selected from the list.

As I have already written, you can also do a global search. This means you can search for people not on your contact list. Type your name into the search box and choose the right suggestion from the list. Suppose you don't see your contacts saved in your address book after following my instructions. In that case, it seems that you haven't granted the application the required permissions.

Click on Configurations at the bottom of Telegram's screen and select Privacy and security> Data settings. Next to Synchronize Contacts in the section Contacts, turn ON the ON switch.

How to search for people on Telegram using Windows and macOS

On the contrary, if you use Telegram from a computer with Windows y Mac OS to search for contacts, first open the service application by double-clicking on the connection or invoking it via Launchpad, Highlight Crab, or folder Applications (for macOS).

After the Telegram window has been displayed, you can log in to your account and fill out the required fields. Next, click on the button with three horizontal lines located in the upper right. Then select the item Contacts from the menu that opens. Select the name of the person contact you wish to have a conversation with from the list.

If you don't find the contact you are looking for, you can try a direct search. Type the contact's name in the field Search and select the appropriate result from the suggestions.

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