How to fix Instagram story not uploading

Updated at 04 May 2022

Are Instagram Stories not uploading? Are they stuck in an endless posting loop or showing the "Upload failed" error message?

Instagram Stories allow you to share photos and videos without affecting your Instagram feed's aesthetic. Stories are different from standard posts and disappear after 24 hours unless they're kept on your profile's Highlights.

The app, worth billions of dollars, has been continuously updating its Stories feature with new features and improvements. Stickers, music sharing, and GIFs - you name it!

Users can use stories to share their creativity and post updates. They are also an effective tool for digital marketing for business owners via Instagram Story Ads.

It would be a hassle if a story not posting on Instagram.

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How to fix Instagram story not uploading

Instagram story won't upload: possible solutions

Check if there are issues with Instagram

You must first determine if the problem with Instagram Story not posting is caused by Instagram. Visit some websites that monitor other websites' downtime. For example, check if Instagram is down.

If users have problems uploading files to Instagram Story, it could be an example. The Instagram side is likely responsible for this issue. You can also follow the hashtag @instagramdown to receive updates on Instagram issues.

downtime fix for Instagram story not uploading issue

You can then see if Instagram is working on the issue. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn't have a Twitter support page, so Instagram can't update any existing problems. You should wait until the Instagram team rectifies it.

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Log out and log in again

To fix the Instagram story upload failed issue, try log out of Instagram and then log back in. It's an effective solution that you can use often. Make sure to open your Instagram account before you leave.

Press on your profile picture at the bottom right. Next, tap the three lines icon in the top right corner and tap on Settings. Scroll down and click Log Out. Once you log out in your account, you will see the log-in page. Enter a username or password to log in to Instagram Story.

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Clear cache data on your mobile device

Instagram Story is sometimes not posted. You may have interesting Instagram Story content but failed to upload it. This is a possible solution if you cannot fix the problem with the above method. This method is only possible if Android is used.

It is easy to delete data from the app. However, it is normal that clearing the data will cause you to log out of all your Instagram accounts. Clearing the data won't delete any photos from your Instagram account.

Clear data from the Instagram app can be done by opening the settings of your Android and going to Apps. Next, tap on the Instagram app to open it. Next, tap on Storage. Next, tap on Clear data/storage depending on which option is available for your Android.

Finally, you will be able to log in to your Instagram account. The issue should be resolved by clearing your Instagram data. You can now upload content to Instagram Story.

clear cache to fix instagram story not uploading

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Clearing the cache may not be possible if you use an Apple device. Apple devices can't delete app data and cache. However, you can force close an app using an Apple device by tapping the bottom of the screen. Hold down until you see your app drawer.

You can swipe away from Instagram or any other app to re-open Instagram. Android users will have different ways to close Instagram. For example, if you're using a OnePlus or Google Pixel, swipe up from the bottom and place it in the middle.

You can then swipe through the Instagram app or all your apps. If you're using a Samsung, tap the menu button or three-line icon. Next, locate the Instagram app and tap to close it. Click the "Close all" button to close all of your apps at once, not just Instagram. You can then re-open Instagram to see if that works.

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Delete the story and re-upload it again

Sometimes, Instagram story may stuck uploading. This method is an unusual way to resolve the problem of Instagram Stories not posting. Re-uploading content to your Instagram Story is an option. If you are recording it live, you should save your story.

You can then turn off internet access to your device. The screen will display the message "Upload failed." After that, you can try again to upload the story. To save your story, tap the three dots at the right. You can then delete the story that you cannot upload and re-upload it.

Update the Instagram app

Updates or a lack thereof could be a factor in in-app issues. If Instagram Stories is not posting correctly, visit the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to see if any updates are available. You should also update your Instagram app.

After updating it, restart your mobile device. Next, you will need to open the Instagram app and upload the story again. After that, you can update the app to fix bugs and security.

Some features won't work correctly if you are using the latest version of the Instagram app. However, you can still update your Instagram app if you have enough storage space.

update instagram app to fix instagram story not uploading

Instagram sometimes blocks users from using a new feature simultaneously to avoid overloading the server.

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Reinstall the Instagram app on your mobile device

Reinstalling Instagram on your mobile device is another way to resolve this problem. You will need to delete Instagram from your mobile device. Android users can access the Play Store and search for Instagram.

Then, tap the Uninstall button. You can also open Settings on your iPhone. Click General, tap iPhone Storage, and then look for the Instagram application. To delete Instagram from your iPhone, tap on the Delete App button.

You can log out of Instagram by deleting the app. You can reinstall the Instagram app if you delete it. Then, re-open the Instagram app and try again to upload the story you wish to share.

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Reload your Internet connection

reloading internet connection to fix instagram story not uploading

If none of the solutions work, your internet connection could be the reason too. Sometimes, an internet connection problem can slow down the performance of applications. For example, you can turn the Wi-Fi router off for about 10-15 seconds, then turn it back on. If you wonder why is my download speed so slow, check this guide.

You can turn off cellular data for a time and then turn it on again after a few seconds. If you're using public Wi-Fi, switch to another Wi-Fi network. Doing this will help you to solve your problem. Then, you can upload your content to Instagram Story.

Instagram Story is not posted for many reasons. For example, you could have a slow internet connection or an error on Instagram. Or, you might have an old Instagram app.

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