How to focus on studies without getting distracted

Updated at 12 Sep 2022

It can be challenging to balance school, your studies, and your relationships in college. Many of us are distracted by text messages, push notifications, and phone calls. According to this study, "the average student" is "distracted at least five times out of every fifteen minutes they set aside for study," most commonly due to texting or social media.

Keeping your eyes on the ball can be challenging when so much is happening. But it is not impossible.

Create a To-Do List or Schedule

It can be challenging to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines at school. It's easy for one assignment to get lost in the shuffle. A schedule can help you organize your deadlines and make your time more efficient.

You can determine when you are most productive and schedule time for homework and other activities. Using a planner or digital scheduler, you can keep track of classes and assignments. Paper planners work well for those who enjoy writing lists and scheduling appointments.

One study shows that simply writing things down can help increase your memory and concentration.

todo list or schedule to focus without distracted

Turn off Alerts

Every college student hates constant notifications and text messages. Choose the "Do Not Disturb" mode or make your smartphone more silent than usual and close any unnecessary tabs. Keep one tab open if you are using the Internet. Online distractions can be avoided by hiding or blocking time-wasting sites and apps.

Reduce your work into smaller tasks

Splitting a large task into smaller subtasks may help you defeat procrastination. Motivating yourself to complete smaller tasks is more manageable than jumping into a large one.

Break down your time to make it easier for you to study or work. For every 45-50 minutes of work, take a 10-minute rest. Study after study shows that taking breaks can increase productivity and help retain information.

Use headphones and background music

Use headphones(it's better if they have the noise canceling mode) if you work in a noisy area. Earbuds can be used to block out noises such as construction workers or people talking too loudly. In addition, music with lyrics can sometimes be distracting. Researchers recommend listening to instrumental or classical music to improve concentration.

todo list or schedule to focus without distracted

Find the right place to work

Some students prefer background noise, while others prefer silence. Find out what your preferred atmosphere is and how it suits you. For example, do you choose silence in the library? Do you like the quiet of a campus coffee shop? You might be surprised at how different study spaces work.

Clear Your Desk

Do stacks of paper on your desk surround you? Are sticky notes covering your computer monitor? It's time for the organization. Unorganized workspaces can hinder your ability to get work done.

Make a list of the things you need and go through your desk. Clean workspaces can reduce anxiety and give you more motivation.

Reward yourself

Motivation can make a big difference. A reward system may be a worthy way to motivate yourself to do something. For instance, watch some movie or take a nap if you complete an essay without distractions.

todo list or schedule to focus without distracted

Set the main goal for your study

It's easy to believe that you must learn everything when you have an exam. However, you will be more productive if you break down the tasks and focus on one goal.

If you have a biology exam that covers three chapters, it doesn't mean you have to study them all in one session. Instead, focus on the most challenging areas, such as the Krebs cycle subsection. It can also help to make flashcards and take notes.

Do not try to multitask

Many people believe that multitasking will make it easier to work faster. But unfortunately, multitasking, like shopping online or doing homework, can cause you to lose focus.

You can keep your eyes on the project using the "be there now" technique. However, this may take you a few times to remember to keep your eyes on the task.

Doing this consistently will result in a decrease in distractions.

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