How to get famous on YouTtube

Updated at 14 Sep 2022

The tips in this article aren't fast ways to get famous on YouTube. Being famous is more about hard and consistent work over the years than getting a video viral.

Relying on virality is a bad idea since it's impossible to predict the outcome. So, the primary advice is to improve what you're currently doing - video and audio quality, video formats, etc. Then, experiment with those to see what yield better results.

If you don't have a channel yet, see how to start a YouTube channel for beginners.

Identify your audience's needs

You want your content to be relevant to your audience. Get to know your audience to determine what content they are looking for:

  • Ask them to reply in the comments.
  • Watch similar YouTube creators.
  • Ask in relevant communities(e.g., Reddit).

Start promoting your YouTube channel by looking at other creators in the same industry or competitors. Then, look at the videos that get the most engagement and views. This will help you determine what topics your audience is interested in learning about and what video style they prefer.

If you have already uploaded videos, another option is to check your YouTube Analytics. It provides detailed statistics about your audience, including their location and engagement.

Also, keep SEO in mind. While you should not create content solely for search engines, promoting YouTube with SEO tactics is essential. Product reviews, how-to's, and longer than 5-10 minutes videos that cover keyword-specific topics rank highly on search engine result pages (SERPs).

youtube creator shoots a video to get famous

What about kids?

As a kid YouTube creator, the process may differ slightly, but it may look simpler. Making content for kids as an adult requires one to find out what they like but doing so as a kid is more straightforward because one can speak with the audience in their language. The platform even has a separate YouTube Kids app with its rules.

It's a lot to learn if you're a beginner, so you make want to read how to learn something new everyday.

Personalize your thumbnails and make them look better

Custom thumbnails are a simple but effective way to attract your target audience to watch your videos. Your title and thumbnail are a kind of two-punch to grab viewers' attention.

YouTube automatically grabs a screenshot of any video and makes it the thumbnail. Sometimes, the thumbnail it grabs may be blurry and not show you properly adjusting the camera.

You may use some simple online graphic editors(e.g., VistaCreate or Canva) to make thumbnails faster. They usually have a lot of templates with fonts, images, and other styles.

Make a series of videos on a topic

You can promote your YouTube channel by creating a video series that addresses a particular topic.

For viewers and creators, series are a win-win situation. First, creators can hold themselves accountable for creating new YouTube content. You don't need to search your brain for inspiration. Instead, your viewers have something to look forward to and are motivated to return to your channel.

Make your channel stand out

Your channel's appearance can make or break your video's success. Make sure it looks great! Add channel art and a catchy name to get you started. Add a brief description to your channel to give viewers an idea of what you are offering. You may create a memorable background image.

As you create new videos, keep your channel information actual. To promote yourself online, you can include links to other websites in the channel description.

Add social profiles and some links to your YouTube account so that people can follow you on social media. This will allow you to build your community.

Those will make your channel look natural but won't make you famous. It's a helpful co-factor!

youtube creator edits a video to make it look better for the audience

Watch other people's channels

We mentioned it before, but we want to emphasize the importance of this advice.

YouTube is a community, so you must participate there as well! You can interact with others on their walls via messages or use other social media. Give genuine feedback to the people, and ask the same in return. Before commenting, make sure you have watched the videos. Then, you can be sure that people will see through your messages and find out if you are a fake.

When you interact with other channels, keep your viewers in mind. For example, you should share videos you believe your viewers will find helpful.

Mention the YouTubers you follow in the videos that you make.

Make something special for your audience, stand out from the crowd

Look at the most watched YouTube videos. You'll find something for everyone. Some videos offer incredible music, and others provide thoughtful advice and just a bit of fun entertainment.

What will you offer people who watch your video? This is what you should keep in mind when making a video. What is your expertise? It's a good place for you to start. You can offer advice based on what you have experienced. For example, how do I become the most famous man in the village? How to look at the walls and don't feel bad?

Share your opinions, for example, on politics, food, movies, people, anything.

Give something that makes people smile. For example, make impressions of famous people, tell jokes, or parody another's video.

Ask others for their opinions and encourage them to leave comments. This will allow you to create a community.

youtube creator analyzes channel statistics

Is it possible to get famous without showing your face?

Absolutely! Experiment with video formats and see what style you can take. For example, you can translate videos into other languages you know. Or narrate an essay. Or make educational videos without showing yourself at all.

Look at your YouTube subscriptions and see what channels don't have personalized authors. We bet you can find some. See what format they use.


Please don't believe the guides that state they know how to get famous on YouTube fast. It doesn't work. There's a chance that a stranger may create a viral video, but the probability is minuscule. The YouTube system is complicated, and the other millions of factors affecting virality's potency make you conclude that relying on chance is not a good idea.

Rely on your hard work and consistency in making videos. Good videos. Then, great videos.

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