How to get free PS4 games

Updated at 18 May 2022

You have probably already played all of your PS4 games and are now looking for new titles. You are spoilt for choice. The videogame library of PlayStation 4 is so extensive and varied that it is almost impossible not to find something that interests you. Some games can even be downloaded free of charge.

Playstation Icon on the background of covers with games

Yes, that's right! You can legally download and play free games on your PS4 without any modifications to your console. To access Sony's online services, you will need a PSN account (also completely free) and time to look through all the free-to-play games and demos on the PlayStation Store. You'll be amazed at the variety of content you can download!

You can also subscribe to the PlayStation Plus plan for a monthly fee of fewer than 10 euros and download multiple titles, even triple-A, free on your console. I swear, it's true! You won't believe it if you don't take five minutes to learn how to get free games for your PS4 using the "tips" that I will be giving you. There are so many titles waiting for you, all at no cost.

If you have a controller and you didn't connect it yet, see how to connect new PS4 controller to your console.

Connect PS4 to the Internet

First, connect your PlayStation to the Internet. Then, go to the Console settings menu (the toolbox icon located at the top of the PS4's home screen) and choose the network option.

Playstation Rest Mode

Select one of the options on the screen to connect your PS4 to the Internet using a WiFi network (or LAN cable). If you wish to connect via WiFi network, you must choose the Typical option, select the WiFi network you want to use, and then type the access key.

Suppose there are any problems or special requirements (e.g., the need to assign a static Ip to the console). In that case, you can choose the Custom or Manual items in the WiFi menu and manually enter the following parameters.

IP Address: The IP address will be assigned to the console (e.g., It must match the addresses of other devices in your router's network. Subnet Mask: This is the value of the Subnet Mask. It is typically but can be easily found using the Windows Command Prompt command "ipconfig/all". Default Gateway: Your router's IP address (e.g., You can find this value easily using the Windows Command Prompt command "ipconfig/all". Primary DNS - as above. Secondary DNS - field to be left empty

After all, fields are completed, you can proceed to set up an auto MTU and select not to use proxy servers. This will allow the PS4 to connect to the WiFi network seamlessly.

You may prefer to connect via Ethernet cable if you prefer a faster connection than WiFi:

First, select the Use an Ethernet cable (LAN/LAN) option from the Settings> Network menu. Next, select Typical and Custom depending on whether you wish to use the default network settings or if you want to change any settings(for instance, to have a static Internet IP). The console must physically connect to the router using an Ethernet cable to establish an Internet connection.

Follow my tutorial to fix problems with your Internet connection.

If you have a problem with corrupted data, read How to fix corrupted data on PS4.

Create a PlayStation Network Account

First, connect your PS4 to the Internet. This will allow you to access Sony's online services, but you cannot download games from the console. So first, create a PlayStation Network account (often abbreviated as PSN).

It is entirely free to create a PlayStation Network account (unlike the PlayStation Plus membership) and takes only a few minutes. This account must access the PlayStation Store online, which allows you to download and purchase games, including demos and free-to-play titles. You can also share screenshots and game trophies online with your friends, and you can access all applications for PS4 (e.g., Spotify and VEVO, PlayStation Video Store, and so forth).

Playstation Account Manager

  1. Go to the Settings menu on PS4 (the icon at the top of the leading console menu), then select Account Management. Finally, choose Login to PlayStation Network.
  2. Register for an account.
  3. To fill out the forms displayed on the screen, click the Submit now button.
  4. In the appropriate drop-down menus, indicate your country of residence (presumably the USA), your language (probably English), and your date of issuance.
  5. Click Next and enter the name of your city, state, or province. Next, fill out the third form by entering your login ID & Password to access your PSN account.
  6. For promotional emails, please leave the Yes checkbox unchecked. I want to receive information and personalized offers about PlayStation and Sony.
  7. To accept the terms of the Sony Entertainment Network, enter your nickname in the ID online field.
  8. Next, press select who you will show game activities, friendship requests, and conquered trophy awards.
  9. Finally, press Accept.
  10. Log in to your email and open the message from Sony to verify your account.
  11. Once the verification is complete, click the already confirmed button, wait for confirmation, and press Continue.

Now decide if you need to link your PlayStation Network account to Facebook. If you subscribe to PlayStation Plus, I recommend you skip this step and dive deeper into the topic by reading the tutorial.

Finally, you can set your PlayStation as a PS4 main pressing the appropriate voice. Congratulations! You have completed the registration process at the PSN.

Free-to-play demos and games for PS4

Now you have a PlayStation 4 connected to the Internet, and you can access the PlayStation Network store. This means that you can download games free of charge on your PlayStation 4.

In addition, you can download free titles, which, despite having an online component, do not require a subscription to PlayStation Plus. Demos are, i.e., proofs of the games you will find in stores.

Open the PlayStation Store (the icon that looks like a shopping bag with the "PlayStation") and use the Arrow keys or left analog controller stick to highlight the item at the left sidebar.

Playstation Free to play games

To view the complete list of free-to-play games, press the X key on your controller. You can also view the full list of free-to-download games by selecting the checkbox. Then, see the rest from the Free Menu on the PlayStation Store. Once you have identified the title, use the left analog stick or the left arrow keys to highlight the cover. Then press the X key. To start the downloading, highlight the Download button on the screen.

The game will be available in your PS4's start menu after completing the download. Easy, right?

Do you not like free-to-play games, or are you interested in them? Are you more interested in demos than those you can buy in stores? You don't have to subscribe to PlayStation Plus to download demos from the PlayStation Store.

To see the demos on the PlayStation Store's website:

  1. Click on the "Playstation" icon located at the top of the Menu.
  2. Choose the Free item from the left sidebar.
  3. Press the X key on your controller.

Once you have found the demo that interests you, use the left analog stick or the arrow key to highlight it. Then click the Free Trial button at the bottom of the screen.

The demos you downloaded from the PlayStation Store will be available at the end of the download. You can play it by selecting the cover and pressing X on your console controller.

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Download free games for PS4 with PlayStation Plus

Are the free-to-play games on the PlayStation Store not appealing to you? Did the demos leave you with a bitter taste because of their short period?

It may seem contradictory, but if you subscribe to PlayStation Plus (which is paid), then you will have the chance to download many games each month and have them available at all times (provided that you keep the underwriting PS Plus; otherwise, the securities will stop working until your subscription is renewed).

You can download games that you would generally find in stores. This includes triple-A titles older than a few months. All tastes and all needs are covered.

Best PS Plus free games Open the PlayStation Store, and click on the PS Plus option from the left sidebar. Next, click on Subscribe or renew your subscription.

Then, choose from one of three plans: 1 month to 7.99 Euros; 3 months to 24.99 Euros or 12 months at 59.99 Euros. To activate the free 14-day trial, if this is your first time using PlayStation Plus, please also look for the 14-day option.

Select a PlayStation Plus plan and answer the question to associate a payment method to your account. Next, click OK and press Continue. After that, you will be officially a PS Plus user.

You can now download the games. First, go to the PlayStation Store and select the PS Plus option from the left sidebar. Next, go to Select This Month PlayStation Plus for a list of free returns titles.

You cannot force download games: you can add them to your Library and then download them later. They will be available if your PlayStation Plus subscription is active (or renewed if it expires).

  1. Select the title's cover image you wish to add to your Library and press the X button on your PS4 controller.
  2. Next, select the Add option at the bottom left. Finally, answer OK, the warning that appears.
  3. To download the game, press the Download link in the description.
  4. Or, you can select the title from the Library (accessible via the initial Menu on PS4).

The PlayStation Plus games will appear on your PlayStation 4 home screen once the download is completed. You will not be charged if you get an email from Sony thanking you for your purchase.

Not All PS Plus plans, even the test plans, allow automatic renewal. However, you can deactivate the service by going to the Settings> Account Information> Services List> and selecting the entry for your Plus subscription. Then, click the button to cancel the automatic renewal.

By the way, here we have collected a few more ways how to get free PS Plus.

Sharing games

You can also get almost all the games you want on your PS4 by using the sharing option for any content downloaded from the PlayStation Store. This is a complicated but effective process.

Playstation logo

Here are the steps:

  1. You must first set your PS4 to primary.
  2. Next, go to the Settings>Account Management> Activate PS4 the central console.
  3. Select the Enable option.
  4. Next, you will need to go to the PlayStation Store, where you can purchase the game of your choice.
  5. After payment, you can go to the PS4 to download the game. But, first, you'll need to create a user account and associate it to your primary PlayStation Store account.
  6. After logging in, you can access the PS4 Library and begin downloading the game purchased on your primary console.
  7. Next, set the primary console up as a secondary PS4.

Follow these instructions: Settings > Account Management > Activate the PS4 Main Menu and choose the Disable option.

The free title should also be available on the PS4 you downloaded. Finally, log out using the account you created before and the standard used until then.

It's almost pointless to state that this "trick" involves sharing access data to your PSN account and is only for people with absolute trust. This is connected to payment methods such as credit cards and PayPal accounts.

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Did you download a game to your PS4 but then forget how to delete it? You get an error message when attempting to download a PlayStation Store game. Do not panic.

You can manage your PlayStation 4's memory by going to the Settings> Storage Memory> Applications menu. This allows you to check the content of each title (and each app) and then delete any unnecessary items.

Backups of your saves are a good idea before you cancel a game. Otherwise, you could lose all your progress and not be able to recover them.

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