How to increase Youtube views by yourself free

Updated at 19 Dec 2022

It is challenging to increase YouTube views because there are so many videos. You don't have to do the math. Five hundred hours worth of content is uploaded to the platform every hour.

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If you are unlucky, it will take a lot of your time and effort to get enough views to monetize your channel.

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Is it considered a view if you rewatch a video?

YouTube does not disclose specific information, but it is generally agreed that replays are a part of your total view count. It is believed that if you watch a video for 30 seconds, refresh it, and then continue watching it for 30 seconds more; you will have two views. You can theoretically sit at home and artificially increase your views all night.

YouTube may also notice your trick and consider your views spam. But there are better ways to use your time than that. You should also note that views for YouTube shorts are added to your total view count.

How can I increase my YouTube views?

Don't spend any money to boost your YouTube views because there are a lot of ways you can increase your YouTube views for free. Whether a newbie or an experienced YouTuber, you can learn the top 10 ways to increase your YouTube views for free.

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#1 Be creative but not spammy

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Titles are what draw people in. They are compelling and make you want to click. They're exciting. These tips help you increase YouTube views with a great title.

  • Title length Keep it between 55-70 characters if you can. This is the ideal length.
  • Use a formula when it's applicable. Listicles, how-tos, and instructions work a treat.
  • Make sure you include your keywords in your title. You may even want to use ALL CAPS.

Your title should be interesting, but that's not all. Go with the first idea that comes to your mind. Of course, you can use that as a starting point, but you should also consider other factors, such as those mentioned above.

#2 YouTube SEO: Master your craft

YouTube SEO is more than just the title of your video. YouTube videos make up 70% of all Google search results.

If you optimize for search, your video may start drawing in views from other sources. Attention to keywords, descriptions, and tags.

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#3 Make sure you have the right thumbnail

A thumbnail gives a glimpse into your content. It is what people see when scrolling, searching, or when the YouTube algorithm suggests a topic. It will not sell if it looks unprofessional or doesn't match your title.

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A strong thumbnail is relevant, informative, and engaging. It doesn't sound easy, but you can make professional-looking, creative thumbnails in programs like Canva.

#3 Engage your audience the same way you would on social media

YouTube is a video-sharing site. YouTube is also a place for communities to grow and flourish - good comments can make a difference in a video's success. YouTube favors videos that have high engagement rates.

This means comments, likes, and shares can increase your YouTube views. It's easy to like and respond to comments. Your viewers will repeatedly return if you build a meaningful, genuine relationship with them.

#4 Giveaway

Free stuff is a big hit with people. You can host a giveaway on YouTube that requires subscribers to like, subscribe, comment, and/or share. You will see an immediate increase in YouTube views, but this is an excellent way to get new subscribers if you have quality content.

Your giveaway should be in line with the overall tone of your channel. Be thoughtful about what you give away, so you don't seem fake!

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#5 Music

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Music plays an essential role in authenticity. A good track can make a difference in whether someone scrolls or stays. Bad music is what kills good videos.

#6 Make a series

The rise of streaming culture is a clear sign that people love to consume content. Ten years ago, it would have been laughable if you said you watched hours of videos of a man making bespoke chairs by hand.

Make a series of videos for your channel. You can stick them to a playlist. These videos can be linked to your YouTube cards. You can keep people interested by using cliffhangers.

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#7 Allow embedding

Enable embedding to make your videos more shareable. With a simple HTML code, viewers can copy and paste your video code to websites and blogs.

Go to YouTube Studio, click "Content," then hit "Edit," and toggle the "Embedding" slider to activate embedding. That's it!

#8 Share your YouTube videos on other social media channels

Only upload content to different channels if you want to increase your YouTube views quickly. You can embed your video on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and encourage users to follow the link.

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You can post a small portion of your YouTube content to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. When that section is done, you can pull out the old "Head over to my YouTube to see what happened next!". Make it clear that YouTube is the place to go by linking in the description and your bio.

How can I locate my YouTube account?

YouTube handles were introduced in October 2022. They make it easier for viewers to get in touch with creators. Every channel has a unique, identifiable handle preceded by the '@' symbol.

This is similar to what you see on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. It makes it easy for users to find you by your handle, which appears on the channel homepage, search results, and the Shorts feed. Your handle can increase your YouTube channel's visibility beyond YouTube.

YouTube will likely automatically create your handle if you don't have one. It's easy to change your handle. To change your handle:

  1. Go to
  2. Click 'Change handle' to see if it's possible.
  3. Hit 'Confirm Selection' to confirm.

You can change your handle to create a channel URL that matches your username, but don't worry. YouTube redirects traffic from your old URL to the new URL, so viewers can find everything you have in one place. Only some have access to handles.

Let's now move on to the last two tips!

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#9 Transcribe your videos

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Subtitles are an easy way to increase YouTube views for those with hearing impairments. Subtitles can give videos an increase in views within the first few weeks. Subtitles can make your content more accessible, fun, and viewable.

#10 Give people a reason why they should visit your channel

There are many actions that you can take to increase your YouTube views. We've just listed nine. The most important thing is housekeeping. Your channel's tone should be consistent, from your fonts to your icon to your titles' formatting to your graphics.

Your 'About' section should be kept current. Offer up-to-date contact details. People will only stay on your channel if it is up-to-date or looks full.

You should regularly upload new material if you want to increase your YouTube viewers. Interruptions in creators' content can often stop them from getting more views.

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