How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Updated at 20 Apr 2022

It's easy to connect with people on social media, but it can also be easy to block someone. It could be an ex-partner, a distant relative who is intrusive, or someone with questionable views.

However, it can be hard to determine if you are the one who was affected by the block button. It could be that the person you're trying to connect with has deactivated their account or deleted it. However, it cannot be easy to tell. If someone doesn't want you to see their content, Instagram or any other social media platform won't share it. So how do you find out?

How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Option 1: Search their profile on Instagram

To find out if someone has restricted you, do a quick search on their profile. If their profile is visible and you can view their posts, you are not blocked. Likewise, if you can see the profile and the message "This account is private", you will not be blocked. To see their sharing, send the person a Follow Request.

If the profile and number of posts are visible but not the display area, the person has blocked you from viewing their photos. If the profile does not appear after a search, the account was either deleted or deactivated. If you want to contact them, send them a quick message to check their status. This is how you can find out if someone has blocked your phone number.

search for profile to know if they restricted you on Instagram

Option 2: See the profile posts and comments

Instagram won't remove old comments and tags from your profile even if they block you. Instead, click on their profile if you are unable to find them even after searching. If the link takes you to their page, where you can see their posts count without photos, you will likely be blocked.

Also, you may want to learn how to view Instagram stories without them knowing.

The link to everyone's Instagram profile is on any internet browser. If you know the username for the person you're searching for, you can replace "username" with their actual handle. Logging in will result in an error message saying, "Sorry, the page is not available". This means that you've likely been blocked.

use a browser search to know if they restricted you on Instagram

You may have lost your account, or it has been deactivated. To confirm, log out and search again in an anonymous browser. You can ensure that you have been blocked if you can see the profile. If you cannot see the profile, the account has likely been deleted.

Option 4: Review your messages

Instagram will block you and hide any messages you've exchanged with the person. If your chat is still visible, you are in good shape. If you don't see your conversation, you may have been restricted.

Check the group messages you have in common to determine if they have deactivated their account. Suppose they are still visible as a participant in the group but not elsewhere. In that case, they may have restricted your access.

Option 5: Try to follow them

follow someone on Instagram to know if they blocked you

You can view this person's profile and see if it is possible to give them a following. You won't have the ability to follow this person if you are blocked. You can't tap the "Follow" button quickly enough to get it through. However, you'll continue to see that button and not be able to click it. They won't receive any notifications you have sent. This is how to restrict someone from using Instagram.

Option 6: Create an Instagram account with another device

You can check your account from another one. You can look up another account or ask a friend to do a quick search. If all appears to be in order on the other account, you have likely been restricted.

It is essential to think about why you were blocked if you find out that you were. People don't usually restrict others without reason. This is why it can be challenging to accept.

Perhaps you said something offensive or inappropriate. Maybe something they find offensive or hurtful? The internet is permanent, and the screen does not serve as a shield from the real world. Therefore, we must all be aware of how we present ourselves and what we post.

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