How to make Instagram profile attractive

Updated at 30 Apr 2022

Do you want to learn how to succeed on Instagram? It can be an Instagram success story even though there are more than 800 million active accounts monthly.

It takes much work and effort, but it is well worth it. This will make your account stand out and help you gain targeted followers.

These strategies are based on several techniques that we'll be explaining in this article to make your Instagram profile attractive.

Make sure you have a great Instagram bio

Here's how to make Instagram profile bio attractive.

First, make sure that your Instagram bio looks professional. It is essential to show the "Instagram success"-looking description. If your target audience isn't interested, they won't follow or like you. So it's essential to explain this to them in a few sentences.

how to make great instagram bio

The second thing is to keep the bio description simple and concise. People don't like to re-read to understand what other meant.

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Create content that stands out

Once you've created a professional Instagram bio for your account, you can start to plan and schedule your content.

You won't be an Instagram star if you make boring, low-quality content that isn't appealing, has too many words and is not interesting to your followers. This platform is about content and not just any content. It is about sharing quality, relevant content.

instagram content that makes instagram profile attractive

Publish frequently

You can be an Instagram star by posting regularly. You must be active. You should make posts at least once per day.

Posting 2-3 times per day is an excellent way to increase engagement and reach your audience, mainly if you can post more frequently. Sked automates your posting and makes it easy to post multiple times per day.

Create your content queue, and then add the Instagram content. Use content schedulers for that purpose. Instagram Stories can also be used to promote your content and tell your followers that you have posted a new post.

frequent content to make instagram profile more attractive

Ensure that your content looks great. For example, images are cropped and resized properly, without white borders. Learn how to fit whole picture on Instagram without border.

If you aren't sure about the type of content you should post, take a look at blog post ideas. In short, what are you're excited to tell about? Tell it!

Identify top Instagram hashtags

People go from no hashtags to using many non-related hashtags to no captions!

It's important to use Instagram hashtags when sharing content on Instagram. This is because you can increase your reach, engagement, and potential growth.

It is essential to research hashtag keywords for Instagram. You may be at the explore page if you do it correctly and get a lot of engagement in a short time.

find hashtags to make instagram profile more attractive

Utilize Instagram stories

Instagram Stories can be used in many ways. This is a great feature and should be used frequently. It's beneficial if your account has more than 10,000 followers. This allows you to add hyperlinks to your stories. The approach is a good way to increase traffic and get more business customers through Instagram.

This feature can also be used to announce a new blog post. As a result, you will experience a much more significant increase in engagement.

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Don't forget about using Instagram Highlights

You can increase your website traffic by taking advantage of Instagram's latest update, which allows you to show story highlights on the profile. It might be worth creating some highlights that you can promote to encourage others to follow your account on social media.

Perhaps you decide to highlight a few products and include a link to purchase the product or service. You can use your creativity to develop creative ways to increase engagement, traffic, and followers. This will allow you to become an Instagram success.

instagram highlights to make instagram profile more attractive

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Cross-promote with friends and influencers

If done correctly, cross-promoting can help you grow your Instagram account. To grow your Instagram profile, make use of other social media accounts.

You can share your Instagram updates on your Facebook and Twitter. In addition, you can automate your Instagram uploads to your Twitter using tools such as IFTTT.

It would help if you considered connecting to large accounts and Instagram influencers. Ask them if you would like to collaborate. If your account is not nearly as large or has a high engagement rate, you might want to consider offering value before you ask.

Also, don't forget to repurpose your content to other social media. Let your audience know you're on Instagram! For example, add Instagram to TikTok.

collaborate with influencers on instagram

Write your friend right now or even better - make a group chat with a few of your friends and plan your collaboration!

Go live on Instagram

Instagram Live can be a great way to get new followers and engagement, especially if your content is valuable and shared across social media. You can promote it by using hashtags in your stories and posts to attract new followers interested in what you have to share. Instagram Livestreams can be a great way to drive traffic if you have a lot of followers.

Your Instagram Live should be engaging to your followers. This can be done by sharing behind-the-scenes footage.

A weekly or monthly question-and-answer stream could be an option. These are great for your audience and you to get to know your audience better. It will also give you ideas for content.

Engage with your followers

Being an Instagram success is ultimately about how you interact with your followers.

engage with instagram followers

Engaging with people will make your audience more likely to share your content with their friends, family, and followers if you regularly respond to their direct messages and comments.

This is also true for engaging with your followers' content. It's a great way to build healthy, positive relationships that encourage trust and engagement. When engaging with targeted audiences, this can be highly effective.

Like their photos, leave comments. Then, you might follow them a few minutes later. This will allow them to receive three notifications at different times. First, they would likely want to know who you are, increasing your chances of them visiting your profile.

Engage with them every time you see their posts on your feed. If they don't already, this will ensure that they continue to engage with your content. In addition, your account will be more human-like if they are more engaged and interacted with.

Choose an identifiable username

Next, be mindful of your username when creating an Instagram profile. Your username is the one-word lowercase "handle", which serves as your Instagram URL.

choose a username on Instagram

A username can contain 30 characters (no spaces or symbols). It's what people use to mention you in comments. Make it memorable. It's your identifier and an essential part of optimizing your Instagram profile.

Suppose you have an Instagram account that is already established and wish to change your username. In that case, you should think hard about it. You will need to make any changes to places you've used the username before - guest blogs, business cards, etc.

Select a Meaningful, Searchable Instagram Name

Your Instagram name is, however, your display name on your profile. This section allows you to use more space (30 characters/spaces) to enter your keywords and improve your Instagram profile. Your username does not need to be the name of your Instagram account. For most people, it makes sense to expand on your username to use keywords and explain what you do.

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Select a Business Category

Although it may not sound glamorous, you can add a category to your account to give viewers more information about you. For example, you can say, "I'm a scientist" or "I'm a food shop owner".

Create Your Instagram Contact Options

An additional tip to help you build your Instagram account to its full potential is to make it easy to contact people directly through your Instagram profile.

You can create a business account and add an email address, click to email, and a phone number to click to call. People can also tap the physical location to get driving directions. As many as you think is necessary!

You don't necessarily need to include your actual address if you work remotely, but you can add at least your state and city. Your location will appear in your bio when you complete it. People love to know where you live - it could help you attract local clients.

What You Need to Concentrate on When Writing For Your Instagram

  • Writings should be informative, helpful, concise, and competent. Your essays should be engaging to your target audience.
  • Keep it simple: Only one thought, only one post. Readers will be able to absorb one idea at a given time.
  • Ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose of this blog post? Does the content match that purpose? Anything that does not fit the goal should be deleted.
  • Include a call for action. Each post should include a call to action. Ask your subscribers for opinions or share stories from similar experiences.
  • Invite them to share a link with their friends or save the post.
  • Plan and select the topics you want to post. This will allow your followers to build a picture of you and get to know your personality.
  • Ensure to read all of your publications before you post. Important tip: Instagram doesn't allow indentation of texts. To make your text more appealing and easier to read, we recommend using a Telegram bot. Make sure there are no misspellings, as they can leave a sour aftertaste.

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Other Features that you don't need to miss

You must have saved stories, highlights, and other saved information. Story Highlights are a way to show that you're approachable and help users understand your hobbies and interests.

Brands can make Highlights by creating sequences of videos, such as "How to get to work", and saving them in one Highlight for their future customers. Highlights can be made by stores using a product catalog, while cafes and restaurants can use a menu to create Highlights. Remove old videos regularly and add new videos to your Highlights.

Whether you want to make money as other bloggers, or grow your audience, or just be a star, we hope this article helps you!

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