How to make a welcome channel on Discord

Updated at 11 Apr 2022

Discord is one the best places to chat in a relaxed manner. Discord is used by streamers, gamers, and other community members to communicate. If you use Discord to connect to your community, people must follow your Discord server rules. A welcome channel is the best way to inform your server members about the rules. The question is, how do you make a welcome channel in Discord?

Discord's welcome channel could be beneficial to provide information about server rules, navigation, and other details to your new members. Here's a simple way to create your welcome channel. You may not know how to create a Discord welcome channel. This would allow everyone to join the Discord by clicking on the server.

We'll also be sharing a great trick for creating a default welcome message. When someone enters the channel, this message will appear as a welcome message. The message can be customized as needed. For example, it can be set up to appear only for one person.

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What are Discord channels?

Discord uses channels to allow Discord members to communicate with one another. There are two types of Discord channels: voice(which includes video communication too, read more on how to use Discord voice channels) and text channels(and how to use them).

Each channel can be dedicated to a particular topic and may have different rules. Discord members can upload files, send messages and share images in text channels.

Users will be able to connect via voice or video calls while using the voice channels. They can also share their screens and stream Netflix on Discord.

What is a welcome channel in Discord?

welcome channels on Discord: how to make one

Discord's welcome channel is just like any other channel. The channel's primary purpose is to let users who have joined your server find out what you do and what your server is about.

This is their first channel. You can also use the welcome channel for any information that you need. Let's talk about the welcome channel. When a new user joins Discord through an invitation link, they will first land in the Welcome channel before moving them to General or another channel.

You can create a welcome message that will be displayed to all new users who join your server. This is an excellent way to inform them about rules and regulations and how they should navigate your server.

How to make a welcome channel on Discord

Discord doesn't provide any tools to create a welcome message automatically. However, Discord supports third-party Discord bots. So it is now easy to create a welcoming message.

You only need to create a welcome channel and add a discord chatbot. Let us show you the steps.

  • Launch Discord from your computer or web browser.
  • Next, right-click on your server to create the channel located at the bottom.
  • Then, select the HTML-channel option. Give your channel a name such as Welcome. Make sure it is not a private channel.
  • Click on Create Channel button.

That's it. Now you are done creating a welcome channel. However, it won't work right away. You'll need to use a third-party Discord bot to "activate" it.

How to setup a welcome message in Discord

discord bots allow to create a welcome channel

Discord bots allow you to enjoy additional functions. Discord bots can be added to your Discord server for specific functions. A Discord bot will be required to send a custom welcome message Discord channel. Many bots can be used for this purpose. For this tutorial, however, we will use Mee6.

Here are the steps to follow.

mee6 bot helps in creating a welcome channel

  • Read the information on the screen to authorize your bot to your server.
  • Once you have landed on the MEE6 dashboard, go to the sidebar and click on the Welcome option.
  • You can toggle on the Send message option when a user joins a server.
  • Next, use the drop-down menu to select your welcome message channel.
  • You will then enter the welcome message in the Text message text box.
  • Additional features can be used. You can send private messages to new users, assign a role, and send messages to users who leave messages.
  • After you have customized the Mee6 Discord Bot to your liking, click the Save button.

That's it. When someone joins your Discord Server, the message you set up will be displayed to them.

Discord: How do you make a goodbye channel?

You may also wish to create a goodbye channel. You may send a message to the server's users whenever they leave your channel.

You can also do this through the mee6 discord bot. Here are the steps:

  • Sign in to your account by going to the Mee6 website
  • Go to Welcome from the Server Dashboard, located under Server Administration.
  • You can toggle the Send message button when a user leaves the server.
  • Next, choose your "goodbye" channel.
  • After that, enter your "goodbye" message. Click on the Save button.

That was it for the how-to create a Discord welcome channel question. I hope you found the steps above helpful in creating a Discord welcome channel.

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