How to make your snapscore go up

Updated at 15 Jul 2022

We spend weeks reengineering Snap score formulas. So if you're looking for ways to boost your Snapchat score, read on!

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Be aware: Many third-party apps and services promise to increase your Snapchat score quickly, such as bots and Snapchat score generators. They should be avoided at all costs.

These apps violate Snapchat's Terms of Service and can lock your Snapchat account or even ban you.

Snapchat is a great app, and Snapscore makes it even more addicting.

It's possible to be completely relaxed about it. But why would you? ;)

In particular, if someone does all the homework for your Snapchat account, you will have an advantage over other Snapchat users.

You can do it, but you will still need to work hard. There are no shortcuts.

These tips will help you take your Snapchat score to new heights.

This guide will teach you:

  • What makes your Snap score go up
  • How to increase Snapchat score fast
  • Snapchat score hack: What you need to know

Want to increase your Snapchat score?

Let's start with the basics.

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How does your Snap Score go up

Snapchat scores go up when you do certain activities in-app.

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It is important to remember that the Snapchat app rewards creativity over plain text. For example, simply sending a direct message doesn't increase your score. However, continuing your snap streak or sending a Snap does.

The score under the hood is easy to determine.

We did all of the research for you and listed all the essential factors that can help you improve your Snapchat score:

Sending Snaps

  1. Your Snapchat score will increase by 1 point every time you send a Snap.
  2. You will receive 6 points if you quit Snapchat for a while and then return to it again.
  3. Remember that your score will increase only if you send photos or videos.

Be aware: Don't send the same image to multiple people.

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Opening Snaps

You can also earn points by opening Snaps and receiving Snaps. Each time you open an unread Snap, you'll be awarded 1 point.

You won't receive points just for replying to Snaps.

Your friends can also use your opening snaps to increase their Snapchat scores.

If you don't have enough friends, you can discover three ways to find people on Snapchat.

Posting Stories

The score is increased by one point when you post and make a story.

Snapchat Stories are excellent because they convey the point even though no one is viewing your story.

You can also delete your story at any time. The extra points will still be in your account.

Snapchat Streaks

Earn bonus points by opening new Snapchat streaks and keeping your Snapchat streaks up.

It seems like there is no set score, and everyone gets a different reward.

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What Doesn't Increase Snapchat Score

  • Unlike popular belief, sending and receiving messages via direct message does not affect your Snapscore.
  • Adding friends: Yes, that's right! Your score won't be increased by adding other people. While you can add celebrities from around the globe, it won't increase your score by one decimal. You must accept a friend request from the other side to get one point.

What are the benefits of increasing Snap score?

Now that you understand the Snapchat score, you might wonder: "Okay, but what's it all about?" So what are you going to get from it?

Immense satisfaction

In all honesty, we all like to have a high Snapchat score to impress a friend.

Snapchat friends rating

At the same time, we know that others care and will try to beat our records when they can.

Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat trophies offer additional rewards for those who want to increase their Snapchat scores.

You can get up to 7 points by reaching a particular score milestone.

This is the list of points required to reach the Snapchat score milestone to win a trophy:

  • 10 - baby emoji
  • 100 - star emoji
  • 1000 - sparkles emoji
  • 10 000 - circled star emoji
  • 50 000 - explosion emoji
  • 100 000 - rocket emoji
  • 500 000 - ghost emoji

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Future rewards

We would love to see your points become tangible, like Snapchat merch featuring your username or limited edition Snapchat filters.

This could be something Snapchat Team is working on?

How can I see the sent and received Snaps number?

To view the number of snaps you've sent and received, tap your avatar (main picture or photo of your acc) in the top left corner of your Snapchat camera screen.

See your total Snapscore.

Snapscore doesn't update in real-time, so it is worth waiting a while to see the changes.

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Increase Your Snap Score Quickly

Now, the meat of the article. We've put together helpful and actionable tips for you to help you grow your Snapchat scoreю

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Send Snaps - Many

  1. More snaps = more fun.
  2. Send as many Snaps to as many people as possible.
  3. Remember that you cannot earn points by sharing the same photo with multiple friends.

Avoid sending text messages

We mentioned that text messages do not increase your Snapchat score. So how do you make it grow and work in your favor? Instead of endless chats, tap the top left corner and send a snap!

More friends

More friends equal more chances to get snaps.

Tell your friends that you prefer photos and videos to text messages. This will make it easier for you to get more points in the app.

Post stories

Posting stories is excellent, even if you have only a few friends. However, this is where you can cheat a bit. You can add more snaps to a row and earn an additional 1 point.

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Beam Me Up, Bunny!

It was hectic! This guide will help you get a better score on Snapchat.

So what are you waiting for? Start snapping pictures now with Snapchat.

Snapchat Scores Increase FAQ

Why does my Snapchat score keep rising so quickly?

Drawn character from the Snapchat

They are increasing their Snapchat score by completing specific actions on Snapchat, such as sending snaps to multiple people or sharing stories.

What is an average Snapscore?

For every 1000 friends, the average Snapscore is 40.000

These numbers can vary from username to user based on the in-app time.

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What is a high Snapscore?

A high Snapchat score is anything greater than 1 million. So naturally, this requires a lot of dedication.

We hope you find this article not only useful but also able to raise your Snapscore.

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