How to minimize Youtube on Iphone

Updated at 18 Sep 2022

YouTube is the most recognizable, popular video streaming application in the world. The reasons are obvious. YouTube videos are great, and we love them, but YouTube has a few features that we have been asking for since the beginning.

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The first is to keep the sound playing even though the display is turned off. The second is to enable picture-in-picture (PiP) for YouTube on iPhones.

These two main demands are made by YouTube's official app, but Google isn't ready to fulfill them.

We are here to tell you about a workaround for YouTube Picture in Picture mode on iPhones. It will work 100%.

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How do I minimize YouTube on iPhone?

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For starters, please forget about this feature on YouTube itself. Now it is impossible to do this on the platform. At least until they release an update to enable PiP on YouTube, but in the meantime, follow these steps.

  1. Open Safari for iPhone and visit
  2. Search for a video.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and click the "Aa" icon.
  4. Then select 'request desktop site.'
  5. Click on play.
  6. Scroll up to your iPhone's home screen, and you'll see that Picture in Picture mode has been enabled for YouTube.

Play your favorite music, watch YouTube videos, or scroll Facebook or Twitter while you use your iPhone to do other things. This feature has no restrictions.

For those who have never used an iPhone before but are struggling to understand what Picture-in–Picture mode does, I can help.

You must have seen a minimize button on a computer, and the same thing is true for an iPhone. This feature is very handy and allows you to play videos in the background while you are doing other things. You can reduce your video to a mini-player, leaving most of your screen available for viewing.

You can use the entire screen and still play the video in the background by swiping right or left on the mini-player. It will then hide behind your iPhone's bezels. The video can be brought back to the foreground at any time.

This feature has many uses, and you will be able to enjoy YouTube in PiP with the latest update.

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What's PiP on iPhone?**

Phone screen corner with YouTube icon on it

Picture in Picture, or PiP for short, is an iPhone feature that lets you watch a video even while you're working on another thing. The video will be displayed in a small window at your bottom.

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What's the best way to get YouTube to play in the corner of my iPhone's screen?

You can access YouTube in the corner of your phone in several ways. You can use Picture in Picture mode. Open the YouTube app and then click on the three lines on the top left.

Then click "Settings" and select "Picture in Picture." Drag the YouTube video to the corner. Safari is another way to watch YouTube from the corner of your screen.

YouTube on a small screen iPhone

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YouTube can be viewed on your iPhone's small screen. Here are some ways. Open YouTube and select the "Watch Later" playlist. You may find it useful to save videos you want to watch later so you don't have to see them all at once.

You can also open the Safari browser to go to The Safari menu will open, and you can select "Request Desktop Site."

Can YouTube videos be reduced?

YouTube videos can be reduced in size. Click the "minimize button" in the lower right corner of YouTube's video player to reduce the size.

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YouTube can be minimized on iOS 14

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YouTube can be minimized on iOS 14 in a number of ways. Open YouTube and press the Home button.

This will reduce the app to the background. To open the Control Center, swipe up from the bottom to access it. To minimize the YouTube icon, tap on it.

Can we split the screen on iPhone?

You can split the screen by multitasking on iPhone. To split the screen, swipe up from your screen's bottom to open the multitasking view. Next, select the app that you wish to use in split-screen mode.

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Does YouTube support split-screen?

YouTube supports splitscreen. A split screen can be created by opening two YouTube videos side-by-side. To adjust the video's size, drag the divider to the side of the video.

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