How to put words on TikTok at different times

Updated at 21 Jun 2022

There are probably a few people in the world who have not heard of the TikTok social network at least once in all the time. You will find tons of great content divided into Elite/Alt TikTok or Straight TikTok. In addition, it has a unique viewing experience that allows you to swipe for more content.

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These swipes on TikTok dictate the algorithm based on your choices and ultimately determine the following content you will see. We can help you if you're new to TikTok or are trying to find a way to add different types of text to your videos.

The built-in text editor makes it easy to add text to Tiktok videos.

TikTok's duration setting allows you to add text to videos at different times. However, if you are new to the app, you may not be familiar with how it works. We've got your back!

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Step 1

Launch the TikTok app from your smartphone and begin recording or uploading a video.

Step 2

Tap on the "red tick", in the lower right corner of the screen to move to the editing page.

Step 3

Tap on "Text" at the bottom of your screen. Enter the text that you want to add to your TikTok clip.

TikTok menu to add text to video

Step 4

After you have added the text, you can customize it using the options at the bottom. Once you are done, tap "Done" at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step 5

Next, the text will be visible on your screen. To change the text's duration, tap on the icon and choose "Set duration."

TikTok Video Text Duration

Step 6

You will find a timeline of your video at the bottom of your screen. The timeline will also have a red overlay that will control your text's length. Drag the overlay to adjust the time the text appears or disappears in your video.

Step 7

Tap on the "tick" in the bottom-right corner to save your changes.

Step 8

You can add more text to your TikTok videos and place them at different times. Just repeat steps 3-7.

Quick Tip: To have text aloud on TikTok, you can tap your text and select Text-to-Speech. Then choose the voice you wish to hear.

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Edit text that you have added to TikTok

  • To see more options, tap the Text in your TikTok draft.

    The text button on TikTok Video

  • Click Edit.

  • Change whatever you think is necessary, and then click Done whenyou are done.

These icons and their functions are:

  • Tap on the "X" to delete the text.
  • Tap the pencil to edit the text.
  • To resize text, tap the arrow. Then, zoom in and out with your fingers.
  • To set the text's duration, tap the timer icon (more details in the
    next section). )

You can't edit the video after it's been posted. So make sure you preview your video before you post it. Check for typos and other errors.

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A couple more tips

TikTok: How to add text and make it disappear

TikTok logo on the white background

TikTok allows you to choose the exact time your text will appear on screen. The only problem is that your text must be seen for at most one second. These steps will help you select the length of your text.

  1. Tap on your text.
  2. Choose Set Duration.
  3. Drag and drop the red box to the bottom of the timeline to choose when you want your text to appear.
  4. Once you are done, click the checkmark at the bottom right.

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How to add multiple text lines to your TikTok

Sometimes one line of text is not enough. First, follow these steps to add your first caption to an in-video video. Then, follow these instructions to learn how to add multiple texts to your videos with the TikTok editor.

  1. Once you have added your first line text to your video, click the Text button again.
  2. Type your new caption line.
  3. Choose the font and color.
  4. Tap Done.

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We hope this article will help you make memorable and impressive TikTok videos.

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