How to see recent followers on Instagram

Updated at 13 May 2022

Instagram used to arrange your followers based on how long you've been friends with them. The top list will show your most recent friends. You will also see older friends as you scroll further down. And this feature was removed, unfortunately. Instead, Instagram introduced an algorithm in June 2021 that randomly lists Instagram followers.

How to see recent followers on Instagram

You will see followers in a different order if you view your list on two other devices. This is one of Instagram's new best practices.

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How can you see the most recent Instagram followers?

You can't see your followers in chronological order after the latest Instagram algorithm update. You can't see the Instagram followers of someone you have followed recently.

see recent followers on Instagram

In the following section, we'll discuss some techniques that allow you to track the Instagram followers of your account.

  1. First, you can check the followers using the web version and the mobile app (iOS or Android).
  2. Click on the Followers link from your phone to visit someone's profile. You will find their followers listed in chronological order. The most recent followers will appear at the top.
  3. You might have to refresh the list several times before you can see the chronological order.
  4. This does not necessarily mean that followers new to the site will always be at the top, as there is no way of knowing.

This technique may give you an idea of the latest followers, but not in chronological order.

It will also work on the web version.

  • Open Instagram from your web browser.
  • Enter the Instagram username for the account you want.
  • Click on the profile to visit it.
  • Click the Followers tab.
  • Your most recent friends will be on top of the list.

It's impossible to find out the order in which followers are following you on Instagram. If you're lucky, you might see your followers in chronological order.

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You might also be presented with a random assortment of items with no order.

Don't worry. You can also check the Instagram followers list for someone else. In the latter parts of this article, we'll be discussing how third-party apps can be used to increase the number of followers to someone's Instagram profile.

How do you see when someone has started following you on Instagram?

see when someone has started following you on Instagram

Many Instagram users don't actively interact with or post to other accounts. They are, however, merely observers.

They love to see what celebrities are doing, where they're going, and more. You could see which accounts were following you on Instagram's older version. Likewise, it was possible to know when an individual started following you on Instagram.

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You can't see how long someone has been following you on Instagram. You cannot also know when someone began following you on Instagram. Instagram, however, prefers to keep this information secret, as opposed to Facebook, which has an Activity Tab.

You can check your Activity Log on Instagram to see your activities. Unfortunately, Instagram does not reveal the date or time of any action.

You can only track the date/time with Direct Messages or Instagram Recent Posts. Instagram considers information starting from when someone began following you as a violation of their privacy policies.

Who is someone you've been following on Instagram recently?

Who is someone you've been following on Instagram recently

You cannot see the Instagram account of someone you have just followed recently. So while you can see how many followers an individual has on Instagram, it is not possible to see their most recent followers.

This can only be done by keeping an eye on the account, writing all the names of the people following you in an Excel spreadsheet, and updating the spreadsheet regularly.

This can be a time-consuming process, and you will need to monitor each person's account.

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You can sort your followers by date

You can sort your followers by date

Some time ago, Instagram released a new feature that allows users to organize their followers into categories. There are two categories by default.

  • The first group organizes your most recent followers into one group.
  • The other group categorizes your oldest supporters in another group.
  • You cannot, however, see precisely when someone began following you.
  • You cannot also see the exact date or time of all your Instagram followers' activities.

However, you will see every activity in their activity log and yours, with some vague details like 5 minutes back.

How do you categorize Instagram users?

Instagram lets users categorize their users into discrete categories. For example, this feature allows you to put your most recent friends into one category and all the rest into another.

Instagram has been long since introducing a feature that allows users to organize their followers into meaningful categories. Instagram is full of high-quality content, as we all know.

You might get bored if you don't see new content on your Instagram feed (Homepage). This is where the category feature comes in. The default categories are:

  1. Your most engaged content or accounts.
  2. The content or accounts you were nlikely to engage.

You will now have two groups of followers after you've done the sorting. This will list accounts you interact with most (e.g., comments, DMs, and shares). You will also have a category that lists the users you have the slightest interaction with.

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