How to share Youtube video on Instagram story

Updated at 11 May 2022

Sharing hilarious YouTube videos is half the fun. You could also send the link to your friends. What about your Instagram followers?

Although it may not be seamless, you can do it on your smartphone. You might also be interested in sharing a YouTube video on Instagram if this article has helped you. Don't worry. Continue reading to learn all you need about sharing YouTube videos on Instagram.

How to share Youtube video on Instagram story

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Is it possible to share a YouTube video on Instagram Story?

You can share YouTube videos on Instagram, the short answer being "yes". However, Instagram doesn't have a native way to share YouTube videos. You will need to download the video and upload it to Instagram. Another thing to remember is that YouTube does not have a native feature to assist you.

YouTube currently doesn't allow the general public to download videos from its website. This is due to copyright concerns. You should get permission from the person who originally published the content before you re-upload copyrighted material. It's a good tone for people to credit the source in your post.

Is it possible to share a YouTube video on Instagram Story

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How to upload a YouTube video as an Instagram Story or video post

Although it is relatively simple to upload a YouTube video to Instagram, it can still be a tedious process. However, resharing a YouTube video is easy if you follow the next steps.

Step 1. Download the video from YouTube to your smartphone

YouTube does not allow users to download videos that they haven't uploaded. This is to ensure that users do not violate copyright laws. YouTube's policy states that you can download your videos. You should use a third-party site to do this. These are the steps for downloading a YouTube video.

Download the video from YouTube to your smartphone to share it on Instagram Story

  1. Find the YouTube video that you want to download.
  2. In the URL address bar, put "ss" before the "" part. For example, for the URL "", it should become "".
  3. You'll be navigated to the downloading service ( to choose a vide format to download. Choose format and download.

Depending on your phone model, the video will be downloaded to your Downloads folder on your smartphone. You can access the Files app to find the video in either case.

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Step 2. Crop the video for Instagram

Next, decide whether you want to share your video on Instagram Story or directly in your feed. Once you've got that down, you can use the Photos app for cropping it.

Crop the video for Instagram to share it on Story

  1. Find the video in the Files app.
  2. Tap the Share button in the bottom-left corner to save the video.
  3. Open the video in the Photos app.
  4. Tap Edit, and choose the crop icon (the fourth icon at the bottom).
  5. Next, click the button at the top-right to adjust the aspect ratio.
  6. You can now choose your size. Square is the best choice for posting to your feed. You'll need to select 9:16 if you are posting Stories.
  7. Tap "Done".

Step 3. Upload the video to Instagram

These steps will allow you to upload the video as a Story:

  1. Tap the Plus icon in Instagram > Story
  2. Tap the Photo Library icon at the bottom left.
  3. Choose your video.
  4. Tap on either Your Story or your Close Friends.
  5. Here's how to embed the video into your feed
  6. On Instagram, tap on the Plus button >Post.
  7. Click on your video, then tap Next > Next.
  8. Enter your caption. Tag people or the location.
  9. Tap "Share".

How to upload a YouTube video on Instagram Story and link it

Instead of downloading a YouTube clip, you can share it in an Instagram Story.

Step 1. Design your Story thumbnail

youtube to instagram story thumbnail

You'll be able to swipe up if you have over 10,000 Instagram followers. This means that you can share a Story and let your followers swipe up for a link to another website.

You should also consider creating a thumbnail for your Stories. Here are some tips and tricks to make your image more popular.

  • Visually appealing - This may seem obvious, but it's essential to make it look good! Make an image that draws people's attention and encourages them to look at hundreds of Stories.
  • Make it clear - When people see your thumbnail, they should know what the video is about.
  • Use Text - A few words to promote the idea of your video.
  • Make a call for action - You have two options: you can use animated stickers or simply type "swipe up" on your thumbnail.

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Step 2. Make a good thumbnail with the YouTube link to your Story

Once your thumbnail is set up, you can now upload it to Instagram. Follow these steps to get your thumbnail ready for Instagram.

  1. Click + > Story on Instagram.
  2. Tap the chain icon at the top.
  3. Tap on the URL and paste the link.
  4. Tap on the Close Friends or Your Story button.

It takes a little more effort to upload YouTube videos to Instagram. After that, it's possible, but not impossible. This article should help you feel more confident in sharing a YouTube video on Instagram. Many options are available, so you can choose what works best for yourself and your followers.

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