How to start a YouTube channel for beginners

Updated at 28 Aug 2022

YouTube uploads 500 hours of video every minute. YouTube can be difficult to get into, but companies need to increase their brand awareness.

The inscription "Your Channel" and the YouTube logo

YouTube Shorts are a new form of micro-content that competes with Instagram Reels and TikTok. This gives creators another way to reach new audiences. In our article, we have collected all the instructions to finally get your YouTube channel up and running.

Tip: YouTube is a great marketing platform. However, you should also create and maintain a website to provide your audience with a central source of information and content hub. You may miss out on profitable monetization opportunities.

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#1 Get started with the basics

First, you will need to create your channel. YouTube makes this easy. You can set up your channel in just a few clicks.

How to create a YouTube channel:

  • Log in to YouTube and click the user icon at the top right of the screen.
  • Click the gear icon to access your YouTube Settings.
  • Click to Create a new channel.
  • Next, choose "Use a business or another name."
  • Enter your brand name and press "Create."

Tip: You can create a new name with a YouTube name generator if you don't have one yet.

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#2 Solidify your web presence

Once you've set up your YouTube channel, it's time to build your web presence. Your channel will be found by viewers who want to know more about you. They may also want to find your website or other social media account.

You must have a website so that viewers can find the information they need. Either create one using pre-made templates or redesign an existing one to match the look and feel of your new YouTube channel.Then you can proceed to create or overhaul your account on different social platforms.

Some users boast 6 million subscribers on their YouTube channel. In addition to YouTube, they run websites using them to answer frequently asked questions, provide contact information and sell products, which also helps them earn money and attract new audio audiences.

#3 Create your style

Think about the storyline you want your channel to tell. A channel with a clear and consistent vision of content will attract viewers. It may seem to you that choosing your channel's main theme is not easy.

Drawn man, drawn question marks and YouTube logo

Here are some tips for choosing the main direction:

  • Think about your niche. What message can you convey to potential viewers that no one else has?
  • Then decide how this story will be integrated into your brand.
  • You can decide if you want to use a formal/business style or a playful brand style.

YouTube has elements that visually define your channel:

  • Channel name
  • Icon
  • Banner
  • Trailer

Style/customize them to match your brand and theme.

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#4 Please fill in the About section

Having established your online presence, you may be wondering how you can get your YouTube channel to attract new viewers and increase your brand awareness. First, fill out your profile and write a description for the channel.

After you create a channel, this is the first option you will see. This section should contain descriptions of your brand and content, everything that the viewer will eventually see on your channel. This area is also suitable for linking to your website or other social networks. This description will appear in several places on your channel.

Be as professional as possible when filling it out. For example, Huxsmith uses one sentence to get attention for his channel. He says, "I quit my full-time job as an engineer and product designer to make cool stuff on YouTube just for you guys." And then comes a clear call to action to direct media inquiries to your website.

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#5 Channel your art

When visiting your YouTube channel, the viewer will be greeted by a large banner with a title/picture. This is your cover and the main tool for presenting your brand.

Drawn hands holding tablet with youtube logo

You can make the cover as colorful or as simple as you like. But make sure your brand/name/logo is in the spotlight because you can only make a first impression once.

There are several options to help you design the banner:

  • YouTube offers to upload the cover image at a resolution of 2560x1440 pixels and maximum file size of 4MB.
  • After that, you will be able to create a YouTube logo that will be displayed on your channel banner.

#6 Understand your market and your content type

You should have enough material to start a YouTube channel for your business. Video tutorials are a great way to help customers understand complex products.

Do you want to get great customer reviews? You might consider testimonials. Even better, do both. You can have different content that appeals to varying viewers on your channel.

When learning to become a YouTuber, target your audience with content. This inbound YouTube marketing strategy is robust and draws customers to your brand.

Create playlists and content that are based on your target audience's unique interests, pain points, and lingering questions. Your target audience will be more interested in your services if you try to take into account all their needs and become as relevant as possible.

#7 Lights, camera, trailer

To start a YouTube channel, you will need video equipment. Experts recommend having a tripod, camera, microphone, video editing program, and a light ring. Of course, you can shop for the best equipment at the right price, but starting with a smartphone is fine.

You'll need to create your YouTube channel trailer like your channel art. Channel trailers are short and sweet and can be used to introduce new viewers.

A trailer will help your audience learn more about you, your business, and the type of content they can expect in the future. Creating your channel trailer before you start your first video is a good idea.

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#8 Upload your first (official) video

You probably prepare a lot and thoroughly for your first video. If you already have a channel trailer, you can certainly still practice, but it's better not to stretch the time; go out and make yourself known.

Drawing of a laptop with a person running his video blog on YouTube

Once you've finished editing and filming, it's time to upload your video to YouTube. YouTube relies on video downloads, so you'll find the download option in the top right corner of your screen when you sign in to your account.

You will be asked to enter a title, description, and tags when uploading a new video. These are very important components that will make your video searchable on YouTube. Don't skip them.

YouTube, just like SEO for your website, has its set parameters that you can use to optimize your video search. These sections should be filled to the fullest extent possible. Use keywords to describe your video and business.

You can make your video SEO more effective by writing a descriptive title and description that are keyword-rich but not too heavy. Then, as you work on the video, you will be able to identify what works best for you.

Your video can be optimized for YouTube and search engines if it is. YouTube is a Google product and has tight integration with Google. Your videos will rank high on YouTube and Google if you play your cards well.

YouTube SEO tips:

  • Create a keyword-optimized title and description
  • Use to specify your target keyword in your video.
  • Use closed captions for accessibility and search engines to crawl the text to find relevant keywords
  • To rank for similar terms, add the transcript to your video description.

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#10 Stay consistent

If you only plan to start a YouTube channel and upload one video, don't expect to be successful. It takes consistency, a lot of effort, and time to create a YouTube channel that is successful.

Drawn hands choose videos on youtube

Subscribers expect consistency from channels they subscribe to. Plan your next videos well in advance after you have uploaded your first video.

Are you unsure if you will have the time or not make a video each week? It's not a problem.

You can take a day off your schedule to shoot multiple videos and then release them according to your plan. You can get more YouTube subscribers and increase your views by being consistent.

Successful YouTubers publish new content according to a structured and transparent schedule. It's not uncommon for a popular YouTube channel's banner to clearly state, "A new video is posted every Friday." This sets expectations for when viewers should return to see new content.

#11 Integrate your channel into your website and social

And so, it's time to share your videos outside of YouTube. Your website should be your first stop.

These are just a few ways to showcase your videos on a website. It would help if you were front and center.

Your videos are hard work and take time to create. Your YouTube video can be added to your website's home page so that visitors can see it as soon as it's uploaded.

Blog about it: YouTube videos can have a home away from home if you have a website. These videos can be embedded in new blog posts or sent to subscribers via a newsletter. Synchronize your website and channels or playlists

Communication: share your work on social networks. You can increase your reach by sharing more. That's why it's important to share it all.

#12 Get involved with your community

YouTube would not be successful without its viewers actively viewing and engaging with videos created by businesses like yours. Hiring in return is a great way to build trust with viewers. This is particularly important if your goal is to use your YouTube popularity to make money.

Engaging with your viewers is integral to building a community around your channel. Answer questions and comments, reply to them, and, most importantly, listen.

Remember that viewers are interested in your content so give them what they want. You'll get free word-of-mouth advertising if you have a well-nurtured group.

Interact With Your Audience by:

  • Engaging with viewers and talking to them.
  • Reply to comments.
  • Collaboration with other brands or creators. This allows both .channels and brands to reach new audiences and benefits.
  • Add captions to videos to reach a larger audience.
  • Running a YouTube Live event.

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#13 Consider investing in YouTube Ads

I think you are ready to take your business to the next level. To get your brand noticed, we recommend YouTube Advertisements. However, many resources available will help you get started if you don't know where to look.

Drawn hands, coffee cup and tablet with YouTube logo

Targeting a specific age, gender, interest, or location is accessible with YouTube advertising. YouTube Ads are unnecessary, but they could be a good option for your channel.

Remember that organic growth is much easier when you have the right content and engage with your audience. YouTube Ads can add a little bit of icing to the cake.

Video ad formats available:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • In-feed video ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Masthead ads

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#14 Analyze, optimize, repeat

Even the most skilled can be better. You can do better than the best. Analytics is a key YouTube feature.

It gives insight into who is watching your videos and allows you to target your audience even more. Analytics will also help you understand why one video performs better than another. It is a powerful tool to help you to promote your channel.

These YouTube analytics are essential:

  • Where viewers found your content: These data provide key insights into your audience's most effective distribution channels.
  • Audience retention: This section shows you how viewers reacted to your videos. This data can be used to improve engagement with future content.
  • You can also watch other channels your audience is watching: By understanding how your audience interacts on YouTube, you can identify the competition and gain insight into your audience's demographics.

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