How to tell if someone deleted their Instagram

Updated at 06 Jun 2022

Social media is becoming more and more stressful for many people, which is why deleting Instagram could be the most popular social media trend. You may notice that some of your friends are deleting their Instagram accounts, and this is almost impossible to track down.

Instagram logo and account deletion confirmation

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Private and public Instagram accounts

To determine if someone has deactivated their Instagram account, it is important to understand if they have a private or public account.

Unfortunately, it will be harder to find out if they have a personal Instagram account because if they block your access, neither the browser nor the app will be able to locate them. Instagram logo

It's easy to find out if someone has deleted their account from a computer or laptop. For example, it is very similar if you need to deactivate your Instagram account. Although there are more options in the mobile app than on the computer, you must still deactivate your account using the PC.

You can view all posts if the person has a public profile. If they have uploaded any videos or pictures, this will be displayed. You will see their post counter at "0" if they haven't posted any photos or videos.

If the user has a personal profile, it will state that "This account's private," and you won't be able to see their posts. Their account is not deactivated if you can view their profile but cannot see their posts.

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How do you know if someone blocked your Instagram account?

Knowing if you have been blocked is the best way to determine if someone has deactivated your account. If they have not deactivated their profile and you are not blocked, they will not appear in your searches. Likewise, if the user has not blocked you but has not deactivated it, they will not appear in your search.

You'll be able to see hashtags that contain exact words from the username you searched. It is unlikely that they are related to the original profile.

If they link to the original user, you'll see a "User not Found" page. The user may have blocked you, deleted your profile, or deactivated your account if this happens.

Instagram notification "user not found"

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How to know if someone has removed their account?

Instagram's notification "this page is not available"

If someone has a private Instagram account, there are three ways you can find out if they have deactivated it:

  1. You can ask another user with a different account to search for the person. They will be able to see the profile regardless of whether they are friends with that person on Instagram. It will work irrespective of whether the person has any posts or if they have private accounts. This will not work if you search for someone who has blocked third parties.
  2. You can create another Instagram account with a different email address to see their profile. You can view their posts if they don't have a private account.
  3. You can check if the username is correct by going to a web browser. Go to the browser, type in the link ',' and then type in the exact username. Here is an example of how an Instagram account has been deleted looks. Learn also How to find deleted Instagram posts.

What happens if someone deactivates their account?

Someone can deactivate an account, and all of their posts, comments, and likes will be deleted. However, they can restore all that information if the user decides to return to Instagram. They would need to log in again to their Instagram account, and then their profile will be restored.

You can "deactivate" your account without actually deleting all the information. If someone deactivates their account, neither you nor your friends, or a new Instagram account, will be able to see it.

However, your friends and new Instagram accounts and your friends will be able to see the account if they have not blocked you. Respect this person's decision, regardless of whether they were to delete, deactivate or block you.

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Third-party apps

Special third-party apps claim to be able to show you who blocked you on Instagram. Blockers Spy is one example of a third-party app that claims to be able to show you who blocked you on Instagram.

Unfortunately, most of these apps are not reliable, and many that claim to be capable of showing you who blocked you are malware. Blockers Spy received positive reviews, but you will need to pay $20 per month for the app after trying it.

Instagram has a reputation for preventing third-party apps. They not only prohibit their use but also don't give your information to them (at least not to small third-party apps).

Using the methods described in this article is more straightforward, cost-effective, and manageable. Notify the person that they can't reactivate their account for at least 24 hours after deactivating it.

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