How to use Discord voice chat

Updated at 15 Apr 2022

Discord is an excellent program for communicating with friends. Discord is great for learning, hobbies, and connecting with other people. It lets you create channels and servers for different purposes. Discord Voice Chat is a valuable feature in all aspects.

The feature is great for organizing raids or discussing lessons. It's advantageous if you don't like typing.

What is Discord?

what is discord

Discord is a chat application that Discord Inc. released in May 2013. It was initially called Hammer and Chisel Inc. Players who wanted to join parties, guilds, or raids. Previously, they could only use the in-game methods to organize.

Discord's launch changed all that. The app was created to allow gamers to form and chat together and became incredibly popular. It gave gamers a place to express themselves and connect with like-minded people on the internet.

Discord users are not just gamers, thanks to its popularity. Discord is used by many people, including writers, content creators, and anime fans. Even students can use it to discuss school-related topics. Discord Nitro, which is a free app that everyone can use, supports all of this. This is a topic for another day. Let's now talk about Discord Voice chat.

How do I create a server and join a chat channel?

Any Discord server created by default will already have a voice channel. It's easy to join a voice channel and chat with other members of the server. The voice chat channel will automatically work for you! You can also control the Discord voice chat by muting or dropping calls.

How to create a server

how to create a Discord server

Before you can chat, you must know how to set up a Discord server. Scroll down until you see the green "+" symbol on the server sidebar. You'll then be able to join or create a server. The next step is to choose a picture for your server. If you do not pick a picture, your initials will be displayed on a gray background.

How to create a Voice Channel

How to create a Discord Voice Channel

If you feel that you don't have enough channels on your server, and you want to use them for different purposes, such as Voice Chat, you can simply:

  • Click the + button beside the voice and text channels.
  • The next step is to choose the voice channel option.
  • Next, you can name the channel however you wish.
  • To finish, click on the Create option.
  • You can categorize the chat and text channels of your servers to make them more organized and searchable. By right-clicking the text/voice channel sidebar, selecting "Create Category", and then dragging and dropping the channel under it, you can create categories.

How to create a Voice Channel on Discord

Basic audio settings

Discord default audio settings are set to whatever your device's default setting. It's a good idea, however, to review your settings and look at the preset options.

Checking Discord's volume levels is another good idea. Discord allows you to adjust the output and input levels of your wireless headphones or speakers. It also features a handy meter that allows you to see if the microphone settings are not deafening anyone when they speak to you.

Users may also be interested in a few additional features. You can also choose to have noise reduction or echo cancellation. These features can be turned on and off depending on the situation. Discord can also prioritize your router so that it sends data packets with a higher priority than other things on your computer.

Discord voice channel settings

The app's audio quality is excellent. Discord allows users to have very specific permissions in their settings. Anyone can access your voice channel on the server if it is open. You might set permissions to restrict access to certain channels or hide them until you are ready to use them.

How to join Discord Voice Chat

As we have already explained, joining a Discord Voice chat is easy. After you have joined a server, all you need is to go to the sidebar to see the text/voice channels sidebar. Then select a voice channel. The app will automatically make sure you are on the Voice Chat Channel.

How to join Discord Voice Chat

You will notice that another bar will appear at the bottom of your text/voice channel sidebar. If Voice Suppression is enabled, this bar will show how strong your connection is. You can also click another button to disconnect. This is crucial because of what we will discuss below.

Remember that just because you are on Voice Chat Channel doesn't mean you aren't on Text Chat Channel. So that you can reply to your message or type it, both channels are available simultaneously. Only those who are on the Voice Chat Channel will be able to hear what you say.

During this time, any user on the server can view what you have typed in the Text Chat Channel.

How to leave a Discord Voice Chat channel or chat

It is easy to leave Discord's Voice Chat. Just click the button to disconnect at the bottom of Discord's text/voice channel sidebar.

How to fix Discord Voice Chat problems?

Despite all the great things Discord does, there are still problems. There are many issues, including delays in posting messages and double posting.

Some of the most pressing issues can be found on Voice Chat. These problems can be easily solved by a little bit of sleuthing, poking, and prodding.

Robotic Voice

It is always a nuisance when voice chat doesn't do your voice justice. You want your smooth vibrato and voice to shine when you talk to someone in Voice Chat.

What do people on the other end hear? There is nothing more than a monotone, robotic tone which can't convey your voice's appeal. That's at least what we feel when we hear a robot voice on Discord Chat. Discord users with poor internet connections may experience a robotic voice while speaking in Voice Chat. This problem is easy to fix.

It's true if you're a server administrator. If you aren't, ask your server administrator for assistance.

Change the location of the Voice Server

There are many options for server administrators. One of them is move the voice server. Here's how:

  • Tap or select your server name at the top of your server. Then, select Server Settings.
  • Select Change on the box for the server region in the Server Settings page. This option can be found under the overview tab. The pings for available regions will not be visible to you. It's better to pick the closest server to the users who are experiencing the problem. If there are many users in your area, you should look for the closest server to them.
  • It takes some time for the changes to be applied. Try again within a few hours if the problem persists after you have changed the server. If you are using the server that is closest to your current location, then choose the nearest one.
  • Discord Microphone Issues

You'll also need to address microphone stutters and other issues. These can cause annoyances when you chat with other players. This could be a problem with your ability to hear the voices of others on the voice chat channel or not being in a position to speak to them. These problems can be fixed with the help of experts.

These issues are only for the PC version. Mobile users don't need to be concerned about this, fortunately for them.

It is possible that Discord is not responsible for your microphone not picking up your inputs. Make sure the microphone is turned on in your headphones. This might resolve the problem.

You might be prevented from using your microphone on Discord by other factors. Some of these issues can be obvious in hindsight. You might forget to allow Discord access to your microphone. Below are some quick fixes.

Logging out Discord

Signing out and logging in is a quick way to fix the problem. This is temporary, however. These methods can be used to fix the problem permanently.

  • Click on the profile picture to log out of Discord.
  • Click on the Logout button (a button in a square with an Arrow).
  • Choose the Confirm to Logout option.
  • Scroll down and select Log Out. Next, click the Log Out button to confirm. Keep in mind that this process may be repeated several times until you are able to log out.
  • Log out of Discord and log back in to see if you can hear your friends. If you don't hear from your friends, it's time for the second method.

Running Discord as an Administrator

Discord uses UDP to transmit data to other people online. Discord may not be able to transmit your voice because it does not have the right privileges. You can fix this problem by launching Discord with the administrator role.

You will need a computer to do this. Right-click the Discord Icon. Next, select Run as Administrator.

Modifying the Automatic Input Sensitivity Settings

The Automatic Input Sensitivity can also cause your microphone to stop working in Discord. You can access this setting through Discord's settings. You may have changed the voice settings before and unticked the box next "Automatically determine input sensitiveness".

The sensitivity bar will move to the left when disabled. Discord will stop receiving sound input from your microphone. This automated input sensitivity has known bugs. If the indicator bar doesn't light up while you talk, you might want to switch to manual. Click on the User Settings button on the lower-left corner. Then, select Voice & Video. This option is located under App Settings. If it isn't already enabled, go down to Input Sensitivity. Then, test the headset by talking into it and observing if the light at the bottom emits a solid green glow. Continue to the next step if it does this while you speak on your microphone. Turn off the toggle and make sure that the manual slider is in the middle. You're good to go if you hear the manual bar pulsing.

There are pros and cons to using Discord Voice Chat

Discord's Voice chat is great because it works even while you are playing. This is great for games that allow you to have teams such as Apex Legends and Dota 2 because it allows you to communicate directly with your teammates.

This is especially true if you are alone or are teaming with strangers. It can be difficult to communicate using just the game voice chat. But what if you aren't even on the same chat? This is not ideal, and Discord Voice Chat encourages you to be at the same party.

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