How to view Instagram without account

Updated at 29 Apr 2022

You can view an account of someone else even if you haven't yet joined the Instagram revolution. You can view someone's profile and see a list of posts. However, the features are minimal without an account.

This is how you can browse Instagram without creating an account.

How to view Instagram without account

How to view Instagram without an account?

You won't get anywhere if you go to without creating an account. But unfortunately, you'll only see a login screen waiting to sign in or log in.

Instagram is well-known for its functionality. Those who are familiar with it know that creating a profile allows you to access all platform features. You can't use Instagram as a real user without creating a profile and entering your login information. It doesn't matter if your device is a smartphone or a laptop.

There are two ways around the login screen: visit profiles directly or use third-party Instagram viewers.

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Create a fake Instagram profile to view private profiles

If the account owner refuses to follow you, it's time to create a fake Instagram account to view their posts. To make it difficult for the owner to identify, you can create a fake Instagram account by giving a different name.

You should ensure that your fake account is kept private to ensure that only you and the target profile owner can see your posts. Upload some decent photos that will make your profile look authentic. Send a follow request now to see how it goes.

Fake accounts are a trick, and we don't recommend it. Do it only if you really need it. To avoid any problems in the future, always do it the right way. For example, fake Instagram accounts to view profiles anonymously are a trick, not a good solution.

how to see private account photos on instagram

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How to view an Instagram profile without an account using Instagram

Good news: You can still find an Instagram account if you have the exact username and the public profile.

You can search for an Instagram account without creating an account by entering the URL of the Instagram website in your browser and then the username.

For example, you can type in "[username]" and see the account's photo feed.

You won't be able to see which Instagram users viewed the account you are trying to view. They can only see who viewed their Stories.

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Instagram Viewers: How to view an Instagram profile without an account

Instagram viewer sites allow you to view Instagram profiles even if you don't have an account. In addition, these third-party tools will enable you to view Instagram profiles.

view instagram stories without account

There are many types of Instagram viewers you can choose from. You can choose from ImgInn and Inflact and Dumpor, Anon IG Viewer, and GreatFon.

What you can do without an Instagram account

You can still view Instagram without a profile, but there aren't many other options.

  • Viewing public profiles.
  • Click on the bio links.
  • You can see the totals of followers, posts, and following.
  • Downloading videos and photos.
  • Commenting on posts.
  • You can also see related accounts.

What you can't do without an Instagram account

Instagram does not want you to use its platform if you don't have a profile. Therefore, your features will be minimal.

You can see your profile page and summary of posts, but you won't be able to do more. You can only view a profile, and minimized photos feed without registering and logging into.

Here are some benefits that you might not be able to reap from creating a profile.

  • Networking with other IG users
  • Commenting

Do you like videos and photos?

  • Zooming in on photos
  • View Highlights
  • Follow an Instagram account
  • Camera stickers and effects
  • You can post your content

If you try to do any of these things, you will be prompted to sign in.

How to view private photos from Instagram

You can only view a private Instagram account if you submit a request to follow it. Like any other account, tap the blue "Follow" button on the user's profile page.

Instead of letting you immediately follow the account and view the posts, the button will say "Request". You can view the profile of the private Instagram account if they accept the request. If they refuse to accept your request, you will not be able to view their private Instagram profile.

That's all there is. Some applications claim to offer workarounds to view private Instagram profiles. However, these apps are likely to cause more harm than good. These apps could contain harmful malware, viruses, and other bugs that can infect your computer. Even if these apps work, it is a violation of privacy.

Let's boil it down: Anybody who has a private Instagram account has done so for a reason. You can request to view the profile and hope to be accepted. Great! If you are not, go ahead and search for other Instagram accounts.

View Instagram stories without them knowing.


It is always a good idea to follow the correct procedure to view any private accounts. Then, you won't be at risk, and there will not be any problems. Follow the account profile you want to see, regardless of whether it's a private or public account.

You can also use the Instagram profile viewer app to test it out. You might be able to find something worthwhile checking if you're lucky. However, many of these tools may not work due to Instagram's security enhancements and regular updates. Keep that in mind. Never pay for services that claim to offer a free private Instagram viewer or private Instagram account.

You can only view a private Instagram Account or Profile legally via the official Instagram Website and App.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to view my private Instagram profile using the iOS and Android Apps?

If the private Instagram account is in your friend's circle, you can view it using the official Instagram app. The Instagram App for Android and iOS allows you to view your profile.

Are there any third-party apps that can view your Instagram profile?

Some apps in the Play Store claim to allow you to view private Instagram accounts. Still, none work perfectly because Instagram's security doesn't allow them to view private content. In another article, we have detailed the operation of third-party Instagram viewing applications.

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