Instagram won't let me post - what to do?

Updated at 07 May 2022

Nowadays, almost everyone has an Instagram app installed on their smartphone.

The developers want to keep the application updated because it is a popular social networking application. However, it is not the best platform that you can use all the time. Even with all the fixes and updates from developers, it is sometimes impossible to upload photos or videos to your account.

The app blocks you from uploading photos. You might be wondering why Instagram won't allow me to upload my photos? While there are many possible causes, the solutions are almost identical to those for other major Instagram issues.

instagram won't let me post, how to fix the issue

It's essential to identify the root cause, as I mentioned earlier. If you don't know the reason, it's hard to fix this problem. However, you will then be able to use the correct solution and keep posting on Instagram.

This problem can be overwhelming and cause panic. However, this post will help you find the right solution. The "Instagram preventing uploading photos & videos problem" solution will make your job easier.

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Why won't Instagram allow me to post videos or photos?

People sometimes have trouble uploading photos to Instagram because of a problem with their cache memory. You can update Instagram to allow you to post pictures, clear the cache memory, or take a screenshot of the image to re-upload.

instagram won't let me post videos or photos

There could be other issues than the cache memory issue when it comes down to Instagram uploading problems.

  1. An insufficient internet connection can make it impossible to upload photos and videos to Instagram.
  2. Instagram may not recognize the format of the video or photo you are trying to upload.
  3. You might have violated the terms of Instagram by using your photo or video, or you may not give credit to the creator.
  4. You might temporarily disable, block, or ban your Instagram account from posting activities.
  5. You need to make sure that Instagram has access to your storage if you cannot post photos or videos from your gallery.
  6. In one post, you included more than 30 hashtags.
  7. You could have reached the file size limit for Instagram by trying to upload a photo.
  8. It could also be the maximum aspect ratio that the uploaded image allows.
  9. Instagram has established a limit for video uploads that is 60 seconds in length. It also allows for IGTV uploads to the mobile app for 15 minutes and IGTV uploads to the computer for 60 minutes. The Instagram story can be uploaded as a 15-second video.

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Why Instagram won't allow me to post multiple photos/videos

First, you will need to check your App Background Refresh settings. For example, suppose the background refresh for Instagram is disabled. In that case, the uploading process could be halted or terminated if you switch apps while uploading.

If you upload multiple photos or videos frequently, Instagram could temporarily block your account for spamming issues. This ban lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour, but you'll soon be able to upload photos and videos again.

To avoid upload errors, ensure that your videos and photos are in the correct format.

instagram won't let me post multiple videos or photos

Why Instagram won't let me post stories?

An example of why this issue may happen is Instagram won't allow you to share stories with content from private accounts. You must have been tagged in the story to share stories from your public account.

If you have a slow internet connection, you can experience problems posting stories. If you have stuck stories, you can't edit/remove them.

Now, let's review multiple Instagram app solutions that suddenly stop you from posting.

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Why Instagram won't let me post music on Stories?

You may not be able to post music on Insta Stories if you haven't updated your Instagram app. Or it could be that your country doesn't have access to the Instagram music features. In this instance, you can use a VPN.

Why won't Instagram let me edit posts?

The app's previous versions had a bug that prevented users from editing their posts. This bug has been fixed in the most recent versions. If you experience this issue, make sure to upgrade your app to the current version.

If your edits aren't being updated, you should also monitor your Internet connection.

why won't Instagram let me edit posts

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Why won't Instagram allow me to leave comments?

There are two main reasons Instagram may not allow you to leave comments:

  1. Poor/No internet connection.
  2. Instagram is down. It's rare but not impossible.
  3. In one comment, you mentioned more than five people.
  4. You have made multiple comments and duplicates (emojis included).
  5. Over-engaging with comments and likes is a sign of inactivity.
  6. The person who controls the account where you want to comment is blocking your ability to do so.
  7. You want to spam comments on many large accounts.
  8. Instagram has banned you from using a word.

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Try the following steps to fix the Instagram issues mentioned above.

1. Restart your device

Restarting your phone is the first and most straightforward solution. In addition, restarting your phone can fix temporary software problems and may also resolve Instagram's post issue.

Hold down the power button on Android until you see the reboot option. Then, tap on the restart phone. The procedure will differ depending on the model of your phone.

Hold power and home buttons until you see the Apple logo on iOS. iPhone 11 and 12: Hold down the power and volume buttons for approximately 3 seconds.

restart a device to fix Instagram uploading issues

2. Reduce the size of your file

Uploading images and videos from high-quality cameras may be difficult. Although Instagram does not have a limit on file size, it is important to understand the dimensions and aspect ratios of high-quality images and videos before you upload them.

Uploading a 4K file or UHD quality file will take longer. Still, they may not get uploaded because the file is too large or inaccessible.

Reduce the size of your file you upload to Instagram that causes uploading issue

  1. You can fix the Instagram won't allow me to post issues by reducing the file size before uploading. I have added the adobe ideal sizes information.
  2. Size of Instagram posts
  3. Posts can be square or landscape.
  4. The ideal size for square posts is 1080px x 1080px, with an aspect ratio 1.
  5. Ideal size for landscape posts is 1080px x 566px with an aspect ratio 1.91.1.
  6. Horizontal images should be at 1080px x 1350px, with a 4:1 aspect ratio.
  7. Instagram video post size.
  8. Video can have an aspect ratio between 1.91:1 and 4.05:1
  9. The ideal horizontal aspect ratio for video is 16:9
  10. Make sure that your videos are not larger than 4GB
  11. The maximum length for a video is 60 seconds

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3. Reset the Network Connection

One of the reasons Instagram won't allow you to post photos and videos is an unstable or poor network.

Refresh your network connection if this happens. You can either put your device in flight mode or change your network status. Off And On.

Make sure your router is turned on. You must ensure that your router can connect to the internet.

When you use Instagram on your computer while connecting to a router via a router, ensure that the connection between your router and your PC is stable.

Reset the Network Connection for Instagram that causes uploading issue

Do these steps if you're on the phone.

  1. Verify the status of your internet connection, and if it is disabled, enable it.
  2. If you have an active connection, tap on the flight mode and wait for a few seconds before disabling it. It will flush and restart a new connection.
  3. Try to reconnect with Wi-Fi if you are connected.
  4. You can also turn off your data and then turn it back on.
  5. Once everything is complete, upload photos/videos to Instagram again.

4. Clear Instagram cache memory

Most issues are resolved when an Instagram user clears its application cache memory. The cache is created and stored by Instagram during runtime.

Cache memory stores metadata about your account that was stored in previous entries. Apps can block cache memory from performing regular activities.

This could be why you cannot post photos/videos to Instagram. Clearing the Instagram cache requires opening the app manager or directly accessing the Instagram app storage settings.

The steps to clear cache memory on Android and iOS are different but straightforward. Follow these steps to clear cache memory from each type of device.

5. Modify your Instagram data settings

Instagram offers data-saving settings that prevent you from posting too many posts at once. In addition, the application blocks bulk uploading to save internet data.

Your data saver may be enabled if you have trouble posting on Instagram. However, it does not allow single file uploading, but you should consider it.

Modify your Instagram data settings

  1. To disable Instagram's data saver, go to your account's mobile data settings. To increase your data limit, follow the steps below.
  2. Select "Settings" from your Instagram profile.
  3. In the settings, click on "accounts".
  4. Locate the "Mobile Data Usage" setting.
  5. You can disable the "Data saver" option.

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6. Free up Storage Space in Your Phone

This issue may occur if your phone's storage is full. Instagram uses save uploaded photos settings to try and save images/videos to your local memory.

The app saves original media and posts videos. If you want to save these images or videos, space must be available. If your device memory is full, you might not be able to post a new photo because the app will not complete the saving process.

  1. You can disable "save post-media" or clear out some space on your phone. These options are available in-app Account Settings > Original Post.
  2. Go to Instagram app Settings.
  3. Click on the account.
  4. Next, tap on Original Post Settings.
  5. You can check the status of the three options.
  6. Disable Save Posted Videos and Photos.

Other apps can access your Instagram account on your smartphone. You should not use Instagram and another app simultaneously, even if they are running in the background. This could cause conflicts and make it difficult to post on Instagram.

Drag the app to the trash icon and uninstall it. Next, hold down on the iPhone and select the Remove app option.

8. Try updating and reinstalling Instagram

As I mentioned, updating Instagram can fix most bugs and improve security. Depending on your device's type, you can update the app via App Store or Play Store.

Sometimes, I prefer reinstalling the app over updating it. This is because it copies all data from your phone, which reduces the chance of problems like Instagram not allowing me to post.

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