The most frequent questions about Telegram

Updated at 05 Apr 2022

On this page, we want to sum up the most frequent questions people usually ask about Telegram app.

How to create a Telegram channel

Click on the bottom right icon(the magic button), choose "New channel", then put the desired title and description. Be explicative! People want to find your newly created channel by its title or description. A channel's posts aren't so searchable yet. We've covered how to create a channel in a separate article.

How to find a group in Telegram

There are multiple approaches that apply to groups and channels search.

  1. Go to your app's search, then put keywords you want to find in a group's title or description. While this method is the simplest and most direct, it's hard to find all the groups(and channels, too) that may fit your criteria.
  2. Search for websites that are catalogs of various Telegram groups. There are multiple largest ones where you may find groups, channels, bots, and analytics about all of it.

how to find Telegram groups

Mix these two methods and see what works for your search best. When we were writing on how to find Telegram groups, we tried both methods, so we decided one should find a good balance between related results and the searching speed. Read more about Telegram groups.

How to send a self-destructing photo in Telegram

Select a chat to which you want to send such a photo, and choose a photo. Near the send button, you may see the clock icon. Tap it and choose the period when this photo will be valid, and after that, it'll be deleted. The same approach applies to video files.

How to use Telegram without a phone number

Telegram accounts cannot be created without a phone number. This is to stop bots and automated account creation.

After entering your phone number, the app will either call you or send you an SMS text message with a verification code. This one-time code will allow you to verify your account. After the call or text is received, however, you no longer need access to your number. To use Telegram, you do not need a phone number.

The only workaround to this is to use not your current phone number. You may buy one on the Internet. There are many solutions that offer you a pay-and-use possibility. Keep in mind, though, that you'll need that number when you need some "forgot password" functionality.

How to make stickers in Telegram

You should have image editing software. It's not necessary to download some fancy apps like Adobe Photoshop. You should be able to create PNG files with a transparent background before you can make Telegram stickers. Adobe Photoshop is a popular software, but you can also search on the Internet for free(and better) alternatives.

how to create stickers in Telegram

When designing Telegram stickers, there are some rules that you should be aware of:

  1. Telegram stickers should be PNG files with transparent backgrounds
  2. Telegram stickers can not be larger than 512x512 pixels
  3. Telegram stickers can't contain copyrighted material, such as images and quotes from popular media.

You can create a transparent background using different software depending on which one you use. However, to achieve transparency, you will need to add an alpha channel to the background. Any data you delete or erase in the alpha channel will be made transparent. This is represented by a gray and white checkerboard pattern. Once you are done, you can edit and save the image as a PNG file.

Remember that stickers can be made public once they've been published. If you don't like strangers seeing your stickers, please don't make them in the first place.

How to use Telegram app for study

That's a good one! While the learning process depends on a person, there are a few features you may find useful:

  1. The "Saved messages" folder. Send there your thoughts and quick notes to review them later.
  2. Schedule messages to yourself. Set reminders. Also, in the "Saved messages" folder.
  3. Schedule messages to other people. Want to write something, but you think you may forget? This is the case.
  4. Find the right channels and groups to be better every day. There are many channels that deliver useful information to you every day. There are groups where like-minded people like you share their learning process and insights.
  5. Employ bots to simplify routine processes. For example, translate a text, check the weather, and automate other tasks.

How to create a folder in Telegram

To create a directory where you can manage chats, do the following:

  1. Open the Telegram app.
  2. Tap the three lines at the top left corner.
  3. Go to the settings.
  4. Scroll down and click Folders.
  5. To create a new folder, tap on the plus sign.

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