Fixing the "this channel cannot be displayed" error on Telegram

Updated at 25 Jan 2022

Telegram channels are broadcasting platforms for the users, usually big audiences. The same is for groups, where people can share their messages too, not only channel or group administrators. And if you try to join and get "this channel cannot be displayed" error messages, then it seems that this channel was restricted by the Telegram team for users in your country or in many countries.

Why is that

The reasons behind the error are unclear. Telegram doesn't cover this question on their FAQ page.

this channel can't be displayed telegram

Probably, it's due to sensitive content on the channel, which may be not safe for work. Telegram stays strict behind its rules and it moderates channels and groups for such content.

If a channel seems to be not safe to read, Telegram moderators restrict it from the public. It doesn't mean the channel is banned. It's a visibility restriction. Hence, people in some countries, or, people in general won't be able to see it.

Variations of the error

"this channel cannot be displayed" is a general error and there are some others that mean the same in different contexts. The other possible errors are:

  • "this channel cannot be displayed because it was used to spread...". For instance, iOS is very strict about some types of content(e.g. adult), so it forces Telegram to block it by default. Even if you can find the switch option that we'll discuss later, there's a chance you'll be getting this error. Telegram can't eliminate iOS restrictions, otherwise, they can't be on App Store.
  • "this group cannot be displayed" - this kind of message is shown if you try to see and join a group that also is restricted from public access. It's almost the same situation as it can be in a usual channel. It means the group isn't safe to view for the general public because its members share such messages(adult content, spam, etc.).

this channel can't be displayed error

How to fix it

There are two ways of doing so. The first option is a switch in the Telegram Desktop app settings. Yes, mobile versions of it don't have one. To find the switch, follow the following steps:

  1. Open your Telegram Desktop app. If you don't have one, go here to download it. The installation process is straightforward: install the app, input your phone number, verify it's you on your smartphone(in a mobile Telegram app), you're set.
  2. Press the menu icon, click on "Settings".
  3. Choose "Privacy and Security".
  4. Scroll a bit down, there's the Sensitive content section where you can switch Disable filtering.
  5. After all these steps are done, try to go to the channel or group you've had issues with. If you have the same error, probably you're on iOS or need to try the second step. Try it anyway though.

Telegram privacy setting for sensitive content

VPN fix

Sometimes Telegram tries to restrict a channel/group's visibility to specific countries due to reports from some people or companies. Try to change your Internet traffic origin by changing countries in some VPN app. Then try to access the channel/group again.

Other ways of accessing channels

It's not all! We can't restore visibility for a specific channel or a group, as well as for other people.

Web mirroring websites

There are websites that collect Telegram channels, their statistics, and posts. Often, you can find the channels that give you the " this channel cannot be displayed" error there. It's like catalogs of websites where you can pick a website by category. The same approach here, but you can go directly to the channel's page.

For example, Telegram Tips - an official Telegram channel, which is also can be found on this catalog.

telegram catalog that mirror channels

You can find other channels that "blocked" you from seeing them on such websites. Search them in Google.

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