What does forward mean on Instagram

Updated at 28 Apr 2022

Instagram is still an excellent app for content creators and influencers looking to build a loyal following. It offers many tools that allow users to track their accounts, monitor their growth, and share content with their followers.

Instagram introduced "Insights", a new feature that allows accounts to monitor the performance and engagement of Stories and posts. Accounts that have changed to a Business Account can access the feature.

You can access insights using different methods, depending on what type of content. For example, click the "View insights" button beneath it to access insights for posts. For Story, swipe up to view the data. You can also access the Insights button on your profile page to get it quickly.

what does forward mean on Instagram

Insights provide a wealth of data, including "Exited", 'Shares" and "Replies". Some terms can be confusing, such as "Forward", which doesn't explain what it means. This is what Forward looks like on Instagram Insights.

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What does forward mean on Instagram Insights?

Forward is an Instagram story's count of people who has not viewed the story or skipped it. A "Forward" is when a user clicks on your story to move to the next one. It might have been more helpful if Instagram had called it "Skipped" to avoid confusion.

All terms used in Story Insights: Meaning

These are some terms that Instagram Insights uses and what they mean.

  • Impressions: The number of times a story was viewed
  • Shares: The number of times a particular story has been shared
  • Replies: The number of people who responded to the story
  • Link clicks: The number of clicks that a link has received in a story
  • Navigation: The sum of all Forward, Next Story and Exited metrics
  • Next Story: The number of times users have skipped to the next story in their account
  • Exited: The number of times that a user has left your story
  • Back: The number of times that a user has tapped to view your past story

what does forward mean on instagram story

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How to Access Instagram Insights

Instagram Insights is accessible in many ways. The easiest way to access Instagram Insights is via the Insights link on your profile page.

  1. To open your profile page, tap on the tab at the bottom right corner.
  2. Below your profile bio, you will find several buttons. Click on the Insights link.
  3. The Insights data for your account will be displayed. Now you will have access to different data about your account. To access your Story insights, tap the arrow icon beside "Add photos or video to your story" to get new insights.

Why can't my Instagram insights be seen?

You don't need a business account to access your Insights data. However, this feature is only for business accounts. To access it, you will need to change your profile to business.

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How to enable Instagram Insights on your account

  1. Your Instagram account that is Private can now be made Public to allow everyone to view it.
  2. Next, go to your profile and tap the menu icon at the top left.
  3. Choose Settings in the menu.
  4. Go to account.
  5. Scroll down and click to open a business account.
  6. When you are prompted, connect your Facebook account to the business type. After the connection is complete, your account will switch to the business type. You should then be able to access Insights.

FAQ about forwards

What does it mean to forward an Instagram story?

The following story will show you how many users skipped this Story post. You can see the number of users who reverted to this Story post in the backward.

If someone forwards my story, what does it mean?

Sometimes viewers will tap the right side to jump to the next story. You can measure the performance of your stories more accurately if you tap backward, next story, exit Instagram Stories.

What is the Difference Between Next and Forward Stories on Instagram?

Taps to the Next Story: The number of times someone taps on the screen. The number of times someone has swiped to the next story.

Is it possible to see if your Instagram story has been forwarded?

You cannot see who has forwarded or saved a post in the app. Likewise, you cannot see who saved or forwards a photo from the app. Unfortunately, the app cannot show who has saved or forwarded the image.

What does Forwards mean for your story?

Metrics that aid in understanding stories: The number of times viewers tap the right side of a screen to move to the next story was displayed. Backward: The number times viewers tap the left side of a screen to view the previous story.

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