What YouTube videos should I make?

Updated at 06 Nov 2022

It would be best if you had some YouTube video ideas to make your channel viral. What about 65 ideas? This massive list contains the most popular YouTube content all in one place.

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YouTube is one of the leading video hosting platforms, accounting for over a quarter of Internet users. YouTube users watch billions of videos daily and have watched hundreds of millions of hours.

YouTube is also owned and operated by Google, the largest search engine in the globe. This means that being on YouTube will give you a significant SEO boost as well as help to grow your audience.

We have the solution for you if you are ready to get started and struggling to find the best content to upload to your YouTube channel. This massive list of YouTube video ideas will spark your creativity.

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Video ideas for beginners on YouTube: "Getting to Know You"

#1 Introduce yourself

Create a short video about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What can viewers expect to see on your channel? What is your video posting frequency?

Create a welcome video for your channel and tell them what to expect. Give viewers a compelling reason why they should subscribe.

#2 Present your company

Share videos for a nonprofit or company by creating a video that introduces your business and the things you do.

#3 Meet the team

Make a video that introduces viewers to the people who make your company run. The faces behind your business or organization can help viewers feel closer to your company.

Make videos that inspire action

Engage your audience with engaging, on-brand videos.

#4 Start a vlog

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Vlogging is just like writing blogging. It can be entertaining, educational, or personal. Individuals and businesses can use vlogs to reach their audience and grow their business.

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#5 Explainer video

Explainer videos can quickly present a product, service, or company. YouTube is a great place to showcase your company's product or service if you have one.

# 6 Video tour

This popular video format allows viewers to see behind the scenes. This video format will let you show off your home, office, neighborhood, or any other place you love.

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#7 One day in the life

YouTubers enjoy walking in the shoes of another person through A Day in the Life videos. Record yourself when you wake up each morning, and then show viewers a day in your life.

#8 Culture videos

Make a video that showcases your company's culture. Ping-pong in the office Happy hour for the team after work Videos that show off a positive and fun culture are an excellent way for prospective employees and customers to see what your business stands for.

#9 Behind-the-scenes

Show your viewers the backstage of your business, event, or blog.

#10 Invite family and friends

You can turn on the camera for family members or friends (with their permission) and show your audience the people closest to you.

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#11 50 facts about me

You can share 50 random facts about yourself. This is a great way to highlight your personality and allow your viewers to understand you better.

#12 Draw my life

Draw My Life videos are usually composed of quick-motion illustrations on whiteboards with narration from the author about key experiences.

Youtube Tutorial Videos - Educational and Tutorial

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#13 DIY video

Do you have skills that can be used around the home? Love to do crafts? Show the audience step-by-step how to make something with your own hands.

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#14 How-to/tutorial

One of the most common types of YouTube videos is tutorial videos. The most popular among them are videos dedicated to technology and beauty. However, you can always choose a theme according to your taste and skills. For example, you can teach anyone how to play your favorite song or how to feel more confident.

#15 Recipe tutorials or cooking

Show viewers how to prepare a favorite family recipe, show a cooking technique, or give tips.

#16 Product tutorial

A tutorial video can be used to explain your product or to show people how to use an app or product you love.

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#17 Explain a concept

Your expertise is valuable! Share your expertise!

#18 Video of a Workout

Many people use YouTube to learn how to do certain exercises and to find guided programs. Popular topics include yoga, circuit, stretching, and form videos.

#19 Webinar or presentation

You can upload the recording to YouTube if you have given an educational webinar or presentation.

#20 Infographic video

Infographics can be used to visually present facts and statistics in a way that is engaging and appealing.

#21 Whiteboard video

Whiteboard videos are animated videos that feature someone drawing on a whiteboard. These videos are engaging and appealing, as they can convey complex ideas.

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#22 Q&A

Are there any questions that people have in the comments section of your videos? Your business may have some commonly asked questions. Create a video answering your most frequently asked questions.

#23 Let's bust some myths

Have you come across some common misconceptions that prevent you from thinking sensibly? YouTube is a great place to clarify facts for viewers.

Video reviews

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#24 Review of product

YouTube's most popular content type is product reviews. These videos are sought out by millions of viewers before they make a purchase. Although tech devices and beauty products are very popular, reviews can be found on all products.

#25 Movie review

Have you seen a great (or not-so-great) movie recently? YouTube is the place to voice your opinion and engage in arguments with strangers. There are no spoilers!

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#26 Book review

Comment on your most recent read.

#27 Review of a game

YouTube is a huge source of gaming videos and reviews.

#28 Testimonials

You should include testimonials in your video strategy if you own a business. This video helps to build trust and "social proof" in your company.

Youtube video ideas for fun

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#29 Comedy/skits

A funny video can help you go viral if you want it to. YouTube's most viral videos were created by viewers who laughed (and shared) their funny videos.

#30 Video Music

The music video is a great choice for music people. You can choose a quality video and beautify it with a cool instrumental track.

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#31 Prank videos

People love prank videos, from Candid Camera to Punk'd to YouTube. You can play a prank on anyone (please, no harm) and then share the results on your channel.

#32 Funny and cute baby videos

Is your baby capable of doing adorable things? Your grandparents might not be the only ones who would love to see cute videos of your baby.

#33 Videos of cute/funny animals

The Internet loves videos of cute/funny animals, including kittens and baby elephants.

#34 Challenge videos

Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Planking? YouTubers love challenge videos. Make sure that your challenge is safe.

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#35 Parody video

You can put your spin on any video, song, or movie by creating a humorous parody video.

#36 Bloopers

You've likely made mistakes if you've been on YouTube for any time. These can be edited to create a hilarious blooper reel that your viewers will love.

#37 Singing/lip syncing

YouTube loves videos of singing in the car. You can belt out any popular song you like!

#38 Magic tricks

You see it now, and now you don't. You can make YouTube videos if you are a master of sleight-of-hand.

#39 Video Walkthrough

How to defeat the boss? YouTube gamers who want to know more about the video game walkthrough will become your dedicated fans.

#40 Speed-run videos

You can beat Super Mario 64 in just two minutes. YouTube is the place to show off your talents!

#41 Highlight reel

YouTube is the best place for athletes to showcase their skills. There are active communities for action sports, such as skateboarding, skiing, and surfing, where you can show off your tricks.

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#42 Time-lapse

Time-lapse is a technique that captures video frames at a slower speed than normal. It is often a beautiful effect. Time-lapse subjects that are popular include traffic, clouds, and even the night sky.

#43 Commentaries/fan videos

YouTube is the best place to share your theories about the ending of your favorite movie.

#44 Mashups

Video mashups combine multiple clips from different sources into one video. Mashups are often funny and can include clips from movies or songs.

#45 Videos from the Collection

Do you have a huge shoe collection? An enviable Lego collection? YouTube videos are a great way for collectors and enthusiasts to share their love of Lego with the world.

#46 Unboxing videos

People love to see other people open their boxes on YouTube, whether it's the latest iPhone or the most popular subscription box. Do not rush to open the box; make sure the camera is turned on.

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#47 Shopping haul

This video is particularly popular among fashion and beauty vloggers. Show off your shopping haul after a visit to the mall.

#48 What's in my bag

Although a woman's handbag is a very personal item, some YouTubers love to show off the contents of their bags. These videos are very popular among fashion and lifestyle bloggers.

#49 What's on my smartphone?

No one app collection is identical! To reveal your most important apps, take viewers into your phone.

Top "X" List

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Lists are a favorite of the Internet. They keep us interested and engaged. Which one will be number one? What will be your favorite? Countdown your top 10 favorites...

  • 50. Favorite books
  • 51. Favorite movies
  • 52. Favorite YouTube videos
  • 53. Favorite songs
  • 54. Favorite albums
  • 55. Favorite games
  • 56. Favorite places you've traveled
  • 57. Favorite athletes/teams
  • 58. Favorite apps

More video ideas

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#59 Promo video

Your promotional video can live on something other than your website. They can also live on YouTube. A promo video that is well done can even go viral.

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#60 Opinion video

You can share your thoughts about, well, everything. YouTubers create opinion videos that discuss politics, current affairs, entertainment, celebrity news, and movies.

#61 Response video

Are you disagreeable with someone's opinion video? You can respond to any video with yours. These videos allow YouTubers to provide counterpoints and not just leave a comment.

#62 Reaction video

Video reactions differ from video responses in that bloggers do not react to other videos but to news or events.

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#63 Recap of the event

You can recite the event you were a part of, the conference you spoke at, or the festival you attended.

#64 Live to stream

Don't wait to see the recap. Livestreaming the event on YouTube will allow you to take your viewers along. You can view the stream even after the event has ended.

# 65 Video contest

Making your videos is the best! You can have them made by others. Video contests are a great opportunity for your viewers to provide you with their own content that you can use on your channel.

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