Why are cats scared of cucumbers and bananas?

Updated at 22 Oct 2022

Cats can be strong-willed and playful, but they are quite easy to scare. If you notice that your cat is anxious and frightened, then you should be on your guard and take this behavior seriously.

The cat on a black background lies among the autumn leaves

Surely you are reading this article not out of curiosity. I will help you find out why your cat is afraid of water, cucumbers, and bananas. Cats are often afraid of cucumbers, bananas, and apples because they remind your cat of wild predators like snakes. This is usually your cat's survival instinct and reflex.

Maybe you should stop eating them when your cat is around. This is the first thing I highly recommend you do.

I am a cat lover; I have many cats. Pistachio, one of my cats, was especially afraid of water, pineapples, and bananas. I've spent two years figuring out what's wrong with Pistachio and how I can fix it.

Today I want to share my experience. This may be very helpful for you.

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A Cat's Natural Instincts

Let's take a look at feline instincts to understand why cats are afraid of simple objects. Did you know that your hands should immediately be removed from a hot surface when they touch it? - Without thinking, right?

The same goes for your cat. Cats are naturally very wary of objects they have never seen before. Cucumbers and bananas are two examples of strange objects that a cat can encounter.

Cucumbers: This green vegetable often causes fear in cats, as it resembles a snake, which is a known animal that attacks cats. As a reflex, cats are programmed to jump high. This is done so that they are not bitten by predators such as snakes.

Bananas: Known for their strong smell of "acetone" (the chemical in banana peels). This chemical has been proven to be harmful to cats.

Apples: Apples can be just as scary for cats as bananas or cucumbers. Your cat may be suspicious of beautiful red apples that suddenly appear on their bed.

Pineapples: Pineapples can be large and prickly. Their shape scares cats. If you don't want your cat to get airborne, keep her away from them.

Water: Cats will do just about anything to keep from getting wet. Cats hate the bath, and they're constant meowing while bathing shows how much they hate it. Water can wash away natural oils from cat fur, which can cause skin irritation. They may also feel cold when in contact with water. These factors trigger your cat's instincts and enrage her.

The cat sits on the bank of the river and looks at the water

These factors trigger your cat's instincts, and you may have some fear of your cat.

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What Can I Do to Overcome My Cat's Natural Instincts?

These instinctive elements can be difficult to overcome, but it is possible. It all depends on how well your cat gets along with you and how intelligently she looks at the world around her.

Let's all hope so! Do you have a backup plan in case it doesn't? If not, I will help you with it.

Why Does My Cat Fear Normal Objects?

Let's discuss what else can scare your cat and how not to terrorize it with ordinary objects.


It's not good to play pranks on people... even people. However, owners and children often use scare tactics for their pets. Although they may call it a joke, you must understand that sudden fears can cause irreversible damage to your cat's abilities and memory.

This means that whenever a situation comes up in front of your cat, it will instantly activate an old memory. There are cases when cats died from the intimidation of their owners.

If you want your cat to be healthy and happy, then you should not play pranks and scare the animal for your entertainment. You can also check if your neighbor is doing the same with your cat.


Cats are usually afraid of things they don't understand or are unfamiliar with. Cats have an instinctive fear of new objects. There have been videos showing cats being both afraid and interested in the same object, such as an oddly shaped mug.

Cats have two basic instincts that are activated when the animal encounters a new thing/object.

Fear & Curiosity

The cat is surprised to look at different objects on the table

These reactions are normal in cats. These reactions are normal in cats. If your cat has never seen a foreign object in your home, then just let her nature and instincts take their course. Your cat will soon get used to this new thing and will feel more comfortable exploring it on its own.


Cats are most afraid of other cats. It may well turn out that your cat may have an inferiority complex if there are other cats in your house who also want and get what she demands.

Fear can lead to fearful behavior, and your cat may start to avoid or become frightened of new objects and objects. Ignoring this problem can cause the cat to become fearful and passive.

Nervousness and anxiety are serious obstacles to seamless interaction with this world. And it is not just words. Also, keep your cat's mental health in mind while you're trying to figure out why your cat is scared or nervous at the sight of bananas or cucumbers.

To make the animal more confident and adequate, spend more time with your cat, get new toys, and come up with interesting activities to keep her happy and healthy.

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What are the Normal Things My Cat Should Fear?

Muzzle of a cat with surprised eyes and an open mouth

While most cats fear certain household objects, vets consider them normal.

Cucumbers & Bananas

In 2015, we saw an explosion in this trend. People deliberately placed bananas or cucumbers in front of their cats to record their reactions.

The cats ran and jumped in fear. Bananas and cucumbers are very similar to snakes and reptiles, and they are the most direct enemies of cats.

Such pranks cannot be played with cats. They can wreak havoc on their abilities and affect them on a deeper level.

Apples And Pineapples

Yes, that's right. Pineapples and apples can scare a cat's heart. They will cause a lot of problems if placed on a cat bed.

Cats may perceive apples as snakes or something else. Anyone would be scared if they woke up and found a couple of apples on their bed...

Cats are also living creatures... That's why it's better to store apples in a fruit basket but never put them behind your pet's back until he sees them.


Water and everything connected with it is something that cats have avoided since time immemorial. Cats don't like to get wet. This behavior is explained by the fact that cats in the wild are more vulnerable.

In addition, rinsing cats' fur with water can dry out their natural oils and cause irritation. Basically, Cats avoid getting wet.

This does not necessarily mean that your cat is afraid of water. This suggests that your cat is instinctively trying to stay away from water for its own good.

Some Toys

Kitten among toys for cats

Your cat may be afraid of cucumbers and will never allow herself to come into contact with a toy snake. Regardless of the cause, your cat's instinctive ability to act quickly is in its genes. Wild cats are most vulnerable when they are resting or eating, so this instinctive readiness for anything that might happen to them acts as an excellent defense.

Guests & Pets

Cats are territorial animals and very carefully protect the place that they consider their own. Wild cats often get in a lot of trouble because another cat has crossed their territory, so it's normal if your pet is wary of unfamiliar spaces at first.

Some cats do not get along with people or other pets at first because they are not confident in their abilities. They also need time to get used to new acquaintances. Gradually communicating with new people and animals, cats will get used to them and gradually socialize, becoming calmer and calmer and in contact.

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