Why books are better than TV?

Updated at 19 Sep 2022

Around six minutes of reading reduces stress levels by 68%. Isn't that great?

It is interesting that adults who read only 30 minutes per week are 20% more likely than others to feel satisfied with their lives. This ancient pastime can be like a hardcore workout for your brain, even though you might not believe it.

Reading is more beneficial, helpful, and healthy than watching television.

Reading books can improve your cognitive abilities, mood, and happiness. It can also make you more excited and better-rounded.

books lay around TV

Also, take a look at why reading books is important to have more tips!

1. No eye strain

I spend over 10 hours in front of my computer. I also have fragile(an allergy that leads to dry eye syndrome) eyes. Computer fatigue makes it difficult for me to look at digital screens for long periods. My eyes hurt, so I can't.

Exposure to blue light has made my eyes more sensitive to light (photophobia), making it almost impossible to see while standing in the sun. While watching a computer screen can have side effects, reading a book cannot. While reading a book in poor lighting conditions can affect your eyesight, natural light will not cause strain.

My specs, eye drops, and an eye pillow are always with me when I'm watching TV or on my computer. This helps to reduce eye strain. However, these are not necessary for me to read a book. I only need my book and no pain in the eyes.

eye strain when looking at the screen too much

2. It makes you look and feel smart

While it's true that a book should not be judged by its cover, it's okay to judge someone by the book they are reading. Isn't it? It's not surprising that you'll see many people on the road with their phones in their hands, but if you spot someone reading a book, you immediately think they must be smart.

If you're a bibliophile, you first look at the title of the book that the person is reading. You will get a different impression of that person if the book's name is known. If the book was one you enjoyed, you might want to make friends with that person.

3. It makes you more imaginative

A book is a collection of words that describe a new world. It's up to you to interpret this information. It makes you want to imagine. You have the power to imagine what you want.

4. It enhances your vocabulary and understanding

Books are like a treasure trove of new words. You learn tons of new words every time you read a book and understand how they are used. You also learn about other cultures by reading books. This may be why I love to read books written by Japanese authors. Their writing style is highly detailed and descriptive. It helps me improve my writing skills.

reading books to enhance vocabulary

5. Transports you to another world

Reading certain books has caused me to lose track of time and places. After hours of reading, it would take me several seconds to realize where I was. This is something that every book lover has experienced, I'm sure. However, it's a totally different experience to be transported into another world without ever leaving your home.

Learn how to pay attention to the plot. It's easy to get distracted, so focus while you're reading.

6. It makes people look at you with awe

My house is full of books. Because my cupboard could not hold all my books, I took over the shelves of my sibling. I took many books out a few days ago to take pictures for my account. A guest came to visit me and was shocked to see my piles of books. He asked about them, and my mother proudly told him they belonged to her 'writer daughter'. She is pleased when people can admire my book collection. It makes me wonder if she feels the same about my movie collection.

7. It makes you observe in detail

Writers describe the minor details of things so that the reader can understand what they are trying to convey. You will often see the same thing expressed by different writers. This gives you a broader perspective and lets you notice little details about people and places. Reading can open your eyes to see things from a new perspective.

reading books to observe in detail

8. It makes You Eloquent

Ever met someone who blew you away with his flawless speech? People who can speak are always attracted to me. Reading a lot will make it easier to speak and write better. Your subconscious registers sentences and words in your mind so you can easily recall them as you talk or type. You will also be more comfortable communicating your points clearly and better at speaking.

Reading has many benefits. Television is a great medium for entertainment. A good drama can help you relax. Reading, on the contrary, can be entertaining and a great way to exercise your brain. I hope you find this post inspiring to read and enjoy as much as I do.

9. It protects your brain from dementia

Reading is, in a sense, a neurological fountain of youth. Research shows that intellectually stimulating activities such as reading can help slow down memory loss and improve thinking abilities as we age. Even if you can only access mental stimulation later in life, there are still benefits. According to a Rush University Medical Center study, cognitive decline is reduced by participating in reading and puzzle-solving activities. In addition, poetry can be an effective tool against Alzheimer's disease. It helps those with memory loss to become more localized and socially involved.

reading books to prevent dementia

10. It lowers stress

The bad news is that most people can't afford to go on a beach vacation whenever they feel overwhelmed or stressed. The good news is that reading a book can provide many of the same benefits at a fraction of its cost. If you use the library, it costs almost nothing. According to a Mindlab International study, reading reduces stress by 68% in a 2009 study. This makes it more effective than walking, drinking tea, or playing video games.

11. It makes people more compassionate

Science published a 2013 study that found reading literary fiction increased empathy. This is a crucial factor in developing compassion as a human being. We learn to appreciate characters' inner lives and experiences by reading about their thoughts and behaviors. Knowing these characters doesn't have the same moral or practical constraints as it does in real life. It gives us the freedom to feel and understand all that we are capable of. This empathy can be translated into how we see our peers and improves our ability for meaningful relationships. Need more proof? You can find more evidence in our collection of essays about literary translation.

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