Why do cats eat grass and throw up

Updated at 02 Dec 2022

There is nothing to worry about if your cat vomits after eating grass. Most cats eat grass naturally, so throwing up after eating grass is quite common. Your cat may throw up grass for physical reasons.

Gray cat eating grass

This behavior is usually not a problem, aside from the inconvenience of cleaning up cat vomit. However, excessive vomiting or unusual grass consumption could be cause for concern. It's best to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of excessive vomiting in cats who like to eat grass.

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Why do cats like grass

Red striped cat lies on the grass with his tongue hanging out

Cats eat grass because of many reasons:

  • The grass may have a natural laxative action, which can help to relieve stomach upsets and support digestion.
  • The grass is high in fiber. This can help your cat's digestive system stay healthy.
  • Grass also has folic acid. Your cat might instinctively eat grass for a nutritional boost.
  • Cats can also enjoy eating grass. You might find your cat enjoys having grass to eat, or maybe he is bored and wants to munch on it like chips while you watch TV.
  • Sometimes, stress might cause your cat to overeat grass. Anxiety could be the reason your cat eats excessive amounts of grass. You might observe that your cat is eating grass almost every day or combining it with other behaviors, such as excessive grooming.

Many factors can cause your cat to eat grass. You'll need to observe your cat closely to determine what is causing his behavior.

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Why do cats vomit after eating grass?

Because cats do not have the enzymes needed to digest grass properly, vomiting is an inevitable part of their digestive system. This is the instinct that keeps wild cats alive.

Tiger eats grass

In the wild, cats rely on hunting, and while eating prey, they also eat bones and fur. Unfortunately, these parts are unsuitable for food and cannot be digested by the cat's stomach because nature has come up with a peculiar mechanism for cleansing cat stomachs.

The animal eats grass and vomits with the wastes that its stomach cannot digest. Usually, your cat may love grass but feel sick after eating it. This natural tool is aimed at maintaining the health and proper digestion of your pet.

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Signs to be concerned about

Red cat sniffs plants

Cats cannot digest grass, so you don't have to worry every time your cat vomits after eating grass. However, eating the herb can sometimes lead to other problems that you should be aware of:

  • The back of your cat's nose can become blocked by grass, which can cause discomfort. You may notice your cat sneezing in fits. Your vet doctor will be able to remove the grass.
  • Eating grass endlessly can signal your pet is stressed and anxious. Do not try to solve this problem yourself by looking for advice on the Internet. It's safer to take your pet to a veterinarian for a proper examination. You may help your cat feel better by getting to the root cause of his anxiety.
  • Your cat could also eat plants he shouldn't when outside. Your cat could get toxic or severe digestive problems from consuming grass treated with pesticides. You might also find toxic plants in the outdoors, such as lilies, that your cat eats. Your cat might also be suffering toxic effects due to something he ingested. Get him to the vet immediately.

Although grass is good for cats, it can risk your cat's health if he eats grass from the outside. You can grow or buy cat grass indoors, allowing you to feed your cat a pesticide-free and safe product.

You can also keep track of the amount of grass your cat eats. Cat grass is good for your cat's digestive system and can make him feel more comfortable. Although the vomiting can sometimes occur, it is an acceptable price to pay for your cat's comfort and health.

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