Why do cats like boxes and bags

Updated at 03 Dec 2022

Although cats love boxes for many reasons, security and safety are their main motivations. Boxes allow cats to hunt, hide and feel safe.

A cat with a white muzzle and green eyes leans out of the box

Why are cats drawn to boxes? Let's look at the top 8 reasons cats love to snuggle in boxes.

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#1 Boxes Offer Hiding Opportunities And Safety

Cats need to be able to hide! Even the most confident and outgoing feline will need a safe place to hide from enemies and other predators.

Kitties are more comfortable with boxes because they can assess their surroundings from a safe area. They also feel more confident and have more control over what happens.

#2 Cardboard Is A Terrific Insulator

Cats are more intelligent than you might think. They know how to select the right product to maintain their body heat.

Red cat sits in a box with flashlights

Corrugated cardboard is good insulation because it traps heat. A cardboard box provides warmth, comfort, and solace from the external world.

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#3 Wonderful Cozy Sleeping Spots

Many felines love cardboard boxes as a place to sleep. They provide warmth, protection, and comforting pressure.

Chocolate cat sleeps in a box with his paw out

They are great for uninterrupted sleep. According to a recent study, elderly cats prefer warm spots like the sun near the fireplace or on the owner's bed. Experts recommend that elderly cats are given larger boxes with smaller entrances to accommodate their limited body flexibility.

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#4 Boxes Are Fantastic Play Spaces

Cats are curious creatures who love to explore new things and will play with a box of any size, no matter its shape. The cardboard's unique texture makes it perfect for endless scratching and fun.

Cats love to explore the carved outs and inlets of boxes. You can turn the boxes upside down to give your cat some variety. This is great because cats are attack predators that prefer to lie in wait before attacking a toy, human, or other cats.

#5 Stress Relief in New Environments, Shelters, and Vet Clinics

A 2014 study found that cats with hiding boxes in their new environment had less stress and could adapt faster. This is a testament to the extraordinary benefits of the simple carton box.

#6 Boxes with Novel Scents Offer Sensory Enrichment

Cats love sensory stimulation. Cats that are exposed to new scents are more playful and exploratory. Sensory enrichment can be achieved by creating sensory boxes home with outdoor items such as dried leaves, feathers, silvervine, or catnip.

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#7 Chewing Material

Little kitten playing in a box

The quirky reason cats love boxes is that some kittens love to tear cardboard boxes into tiny pieces. They like the texture of cardboard. The main reasons for this behavior are boredom, pica, teething, or the release of predatory instincts.

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#8 Boxes offer Nesting Areas

Pregnant cats love to nest in wool blankets and cardboard boxes. This is because they can preserve heat and privacy and reduce stress during pregnancy and postnatal periods.


It is our responsibility as cat owners to provide our cats with a happy, relaxing environment that includes comfortable sleeping places. Boxes are a great way to provide a happy, stress-free home for your cat.

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