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How to add music to Instagram story without sticker

In this guide we'll show how to add any song to your Instagram stories without a sticker. Also, we cover Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

22 Apr 2022

How to add Instagram to TikTokHow to add Instagram to Tik Tok

The guide teaches you how to add a link to your Instagram on TikTok. You should add the link in your bio section both on TikTok and on Instagram for a bigger effect.

21 Apr 2022

know if someone restricted you on InstagramHow to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Learn how to know if someone restricted your profile on Instagram. It's straightforward, but we'll give you multiple ways to figure it out.

20 Apr 2022

How to view Instagram stories without them knowing

There are multiple ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. Most of them have drawbacks, but it's possible without having an account. The best way is to use third-party tools.

19 Apr 2022

How to become a food blogger

Writing about food and cooking is a great way to attract audience. People love food. In this article we'll tell you how to start blogging in the food domain

18 Apr 2022

How do bloggers make money onlineHow do bloggers make money online

We cover the ways beginner and pro bloggers make money. Ads, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts and selling digital and physical products.

17 Apr 2022

How to use Discord voice chatHow to use Discord voice chat

Discord allows creating voice channels to speak with friends and meet people. But it's important to learn how to use voice chats and channels to be aware of full possibilities.

15 Apr 2022

How to use Anki effectivelyHow to use Anki effectively

Learn how to learn or memorize with Anki as it's a popular flashcards tool. We also will tell you what is Anki and its flashcrads, how do they differ from the manual flashcards.

14 Apr 2022

How to make flashcardsHow to make flashcards

To learn something more effecively, try using flashcards. There are apps for that that simplify the process. Or, you may make flashcards by hand. Let's see what method is better.

13 Apr 2022

How to use mobile hotspot without using dataHow to use mobile hotspot without using data

Mobile hotspots allow you to share data across devices. Even without using data, like a local network. In this guide, we'll set up a mobile hotspot.

12 Apr 2022

How to make welcome channel DiscordHow to make a welcome channel on Discord

Discord doesn't support welcome messages by default, but you can set up them using external tools. First, make a welcome channel.

11 Apr 2022

How much data does Discord useHow much data does Discord use

Telegram feed may be chaotic if you have many channels, groups, and chats. The app has a way to organize things, though. Some time ago, they added chat folders, unlimited pins, and archived chats.

10 Apr 2022