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How to make Instagram profile attractiveHow to make Instagram profile attractive

Here's how to make Instagram profile bio and other profile things attractive. Create great content, username, publish frequently and other advice on becoming popular on Instagram.

30 Apr 2022

How to make a group on InstagramHow to make a group on Instagram

Instagram and other social media platforms such as Facebook allow you to share photos and stories and even chat with your friends. Learn how to make groups on Instagram.

29 Apr 2022

How to view Instagram without accountHow to view Instagram without account

Those who are familiar with it know that creating a profile allows you to access all platform features. And to view private accounts, you need to follow them.

29 Apr 2022

How to fit whole picture on Instagram without borderHow to fit whole picture on Instagram without border

Learn how to resize image for Instagram without cropping online. And without white borders! We'll tell you about this online photo resizer tool that can help you.

28 Apr 2022

What does forward mean on InstagramWhat does forward mean on Instagram

Forward is an Instagram story's count of people who has not viewed the story or skipped it. A "Forward" is when a user clicks on your story to move to the next one.

28 Apr 2022

How to find someone on instagram by phone numberHow to find someone on Instagram by phone number

We're gonna show you how to find a person on Instagram by phone number. You should allow your contacts syncing on Instagram app, hence to see the "Discover people" tab.

26 Apr 2022

How to find deleted Instagram postsHow to find deleted Instagram posts

Instagram introduced "Recently deleted" folder, so you can see someone's deleted posts.

24 Apr 2022

How to know if someone screenshots your Instagram story

Instagram allowed users to know if someone took a screenshot of an Instagram story, but then they disabled the feature. Now users can take screenshots without any issues.

23 Apr 2022

How to add music to Instagram story without sticker

In this guide we'll show how to add any song to your Instagram stories without a sticker. Also, we cover Spotify, SoundCloud and Apple Music.

22 Apr 2022

How to add Instagram to TikTokHow to add Instagram to Tik Tok

The guide teaches you how to add a link to your Instagram on TikTok. You should add the link in your bio section both on TikTok and on Instagram for a bigger effect.

21 Apr 2022

know if someone restricted you on InstagramHow to know if someone restricted you on Instagram

Learn how to know if someone restricted your profile on Instagram. It's straightforward, but we'll give you multiple ways to figure it out.

20 Apr 2022

How to view Instagram stories without them knowing

There are multiple ways to view Instagram stories anonymously. Most of them have drawbacks, but it's possible without having an account. The best way is to use third-party tools.

19 Apr 2022