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Why books are better than TVWhy books are better than TV?

It is interesting that adults who read only 30 minutes per week are 20% more likely than others to feel satisfied with their lives. This ancient pastime can be like a hardcore workout for your brain, even though you might not believe it.

19 Sep 2022

Why reading books is importantWhy reading books is important?

We call this "petting aggression" and "overstimulation." Cats that go from loving petting to biting or swatting quickly are called "petting aggression" (or "overstimulation). This behavior is not common in cats with a love/hate relationship with petting.

18 Sep 2022

how to study effectively for exams in a short timeHow to study effectively for exams in a short time

This guide can assist you in preparing for an exam within a limited time. In short, try short but intense study sessions, don't multitask, find and learn from the previous exam papers, and focus well on the material.

13 Sep 2022

How to focus on studies without getting distractedHow to focus on studies without getting distracted

It can be challenging to balance school, your studies, and your relationships in college. Many of us are distracted by text messages, push notifications, and phone calls. How to focus without distractions?

12 Sep 2022

how to focus while readingHow to focus while reading

It cannot be easy to focus on the fiction of a book when there is so much going on in the real world. Sometimes we need to read something for study or work. It's hard to stay focused and engaged, the focus is lost after just a few paragraphs.

02 Sep 2022

How to learn something new everydayHow to learn something new everyday

If we turn to the very essence of learning, then we can safely say that this is a mental process that leads to sustainable changes in knowledge, behavior, or both.

14 Jul 2022

How to take good notes in collegeHow to take good notes in college

Your notes are one of the essential tools you have. You might have been a good note-taker in high school, but now you must improve your skills to excel in college.

14 Jun 2022

How to use Anki effectivelyHow to use Anki effectively

Learn how to learn or memorize with Anki as it's a popular flashcards tool. We also will tell you what is Anki and its flashcrads, how do they differ from the manual flashcards.

14 Apr 2022

How to make flashcardsHow to make flashcards

To learn something more effecively, try using flashcards. There are apps for that that simplify the process. Or, you may make flashcards by hand. Let's see what method is better.

13 Apr 2022